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Most of the frequently asked yoga questions and answers asked by yoga beginners are similar in nature.  Here we have compiled and presented the basic yoga questions which are repeatedly asked by site visitors.  The content on this page is sourced from interactive pages on this website where content is either shared by the site visitors or site visitors ask a question and we reply to it. You can read more about yoga answers and participate there. 

Many site visitors have submitted a lot of questions and we have made webpages for each of the questions which were answered. This has resulted in sharing of valuable information with our site visitors. We have complied these submissions from yoga answers and reproduced below for the benefit of our readers.

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 It is to be noted that these are generic suggestions and you must study and come to your own conclusions because every body is unique and responds to yoga practice in a unique way. In case you are suffering from any disease, do not attempt any yoga poses or pranayama withour seeking permission from your doctor.

These are interactive pages and readers are welcome to write their suggestions or share their experiences.

Inspiring Yoga Stories and Submissions

My Experience Regarding Flexibility

Have You Read Everything About Yoga?

My journey back to health

A new person in 4 months through yoga practice

Pluck a Flower Disturb a Star

Inspiring Yoga Story, a reader shares favourite asana, headstand (shirshasana)

Yoga a love affair

Yoga practice leads to change in lifestyle

Yoga My Anchor: overcoming back pain

Improving personality with yoga

Evergreen Forest: Yoga way of life

Questions About Yoga Practice

How to start yoga as a beginner?

Nap After Yoga Practice

Can Yoga Breathing Be Preceded by Cardiac Exercise

Right time for doing yoga

Difficulty in passing stools early in the morning

Water Therapy And Yoga For Diabetes

Yoga for people working in night shift

Bowel movement before yoga practice

Sleeping after yoga

Feeling sleepy after yoga practice

Irritable bowels and yoga practice

Can we drink water during yoga exercises?

Can I do yoga after bath?

Can we do yoga on bare floor?

How much time should I sleep?

Morning tea and yoga

Yoga before or walking yoga

Practice yoga at home

Yoga schedule when working in shift duty

Yoga Poses

Yoga practice Vs hypertension

Step by step instructions on warming up movements before yoga practice

Advanced yoga poses for beginners

Breath Versus Accuracy During Yoga

Timing or holding of yoga poses

Duration of Shirshasana

Can I find the easiest yoga poses?

Repeat an asana or hold longer

Shirshasana practice for people with high blood pressure

Inhaling Exhaling and holding of breath while doing asanas

Weight Loss With Yoga

Triphala powder for sure weight loss

Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Yoga For Health

Yoga Cure For Type-I Diabetes

Yoga and Stopping Medicine For Hypertemsion

Why No Water For 30 Minutes After Yoga Practice

Water Therapy And Yoga For Diabetes

Yoga Benefits Anxiety Disorder

Studies Stress and Yoga

Yoga practice Vs hypertension

How Yoga Cured My Acidity?

Gaining weight with yoga

Thyroid diseases and yoga

Hyperthyroid and kapalabhati

How to get free from hyperthyroidism?

How to cure skin disorders due to diabetes and hypothyroidism?

Can pranayama cure parathyroid tumour?

Yoga Breathing

Yoga and breathing force

Meaning of ration 1:4:2 in yoga breathing

Observing of breath

Deep Breathing With Eyes Open

Can you explian rhythmic breathing?

Pranayama on full or empty stomach

Kapalabhati and High Blood Pressure

Rhythmic Breathing, Walking and Blood Pressure

Inhaling Exhaling and Holding of Breath

Pranayama Advice For 70 Year Old Diabetic/ Hypertensive

Spiritual Progress And Mental Relaxation

Yoga to improve mental strength and peace of mind

Yoga to include spiritual and mental progress

Can I get success by doing yoga?

Yoga to overcomeanxiety disorder

Yoga and relaxation techniques for studies

Moderation in Yoga Versus Goal Achievements in Life

Can I get success by doing yoga?

Studies burnout and yoga

Yoga Diet

Drinking Water After Pranayma

Can we drink water during yoga exercises?

Foods to eat before and after yoga

Drinking water during meals

Raw vegan diet optimal for yoga and health, can we drink milk?

Is salad safe to eat?

Shall I stop non vegetarian diet for yoga practice?

Dried fruit for yoga

Thumb rule for eating

Body rejecting meat after few months yoga practice

Yoga For Women

Yoga practice during mensuration

Anulom Vilom pranayama during period

Yoga asanas to help conceive

Can you do kapalabhati pranayama when trying to conceive?

Can you do suryanamaskars (sun salutations) when trying to conceive?

Yoga after Cesarean

Postpartum yoga 4 months after cesarean delivery

Women Belly Fat And Yoga

Yoga timings for working women

Can household work be an alternative to yoga?

Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery and yoga

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