Meat Rejection And Yoga

by Nancy

I've been meditating for 20 years, on and off though not regularly at all and have done some yoga in the past. However I've been doing Hatha yoga once a week for the past few months. Now my body is rejecting eating meat. I don't enjoy eating it and when I do eat, I feel sick the following day. I want to know does this reaction have anything to do with doing yoga?

I have to say I don't mind becoming a vegetarian at all because I have never been a big fan of meat anyway.

I appreciate your response.



By doing meditation and yoga there occur some physiological changes on their own.

Yoga philosophy does not advocate eating non vegetarian diet. However, yoga is not prohibited for non vegetarians. With regular yoga practice, there comes a stage when you may not like to eat non vegetarian diet. Your body may be rejecting meat because deep inside your psychology, you may be feeling guilty for eating meat.

Also, yoga and meditation makes you strong internally, spiritually and your energy requirements are met without eating meat.

If you do not feel good after eating meat, stop eating meat for a while. If possible increase your intensity of yoga practice and do more meditation.

Be your own judge, ask yourself. Do not eat meat if you can, provided you can live comfortably without eating meat.

Hope this helps.

Warm regards

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Many thanks Daljit
by: Ajay

Many thanks Daljit for your quick response. Would surely take your advise.


Body rejecting meat and liquor
by: Ajay

I have been meditating for last 20 years and now daily practicing Hatha yoga for last 4 years.

Till 4 years back I used to drink daily.
However, with yoga practice, it has helped me quit drinking liquor, soft packaged drinks and even sugar. I am much fitter now, having lost 15 kgs weight from being obese to being in overweight category now.

I used to drink socially, once a fortnight and eat meat too during these occasions.
Now lately I find my body has started rejecting this and I get a stomach upset and even fever when I eat and drink out.

Is this normal? Should I quit drinking and eating meat altogether?

Editors Note

Hello Ajay

Thanks for sharing your experience. This is a sure sign that your body has become more aware and the urge to quit comes deep from your self. I suggest quit drinking and eating meat and strive for spiritual progress. Be firm on your resolve for one month, and you may not feel any residual urge to drink or eat meat. Take your own call.

All the best

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