Advance Poses for Beginners

by Simona
(Hempstead, NY)


I just recently began practicing yoga, after 8 years of being sedentary. I am completely gung ho. I do a basic hour routine 2x a week and a 20 minute routine 3x a week. Last week instinctively I searched online for a pose that would open my hips. I discovered the Bound Angle Pose, which I felt the benefits of immediately. I felt optimistic, something alien to my nature and could feel the difference in my walk the next day. I was no longer a slumpadunk, I didn't walk as if I was Jesus Christ carrying the cross on his back. Encouraged and a greedy westerner, I began searching for more poses to open my hips and groin faster and more aggressively, finding along with the Bound Angle pose the 12 point posture. However, I think I may be moving too fast, neither of these poses are in any of the beginner DVD's I have. Are these poses o.k for someone on my level? Am I risking injury skipping around to advance poses given I am new to yoga? Please advise.

Thank you,


Hello Simona

I am glad to know that you are doing well with your yoga practice. Also you are on the right track as you have started exploring yoga yourself. For moving to advanced yoga poses keep the following in mind:

1. Ideally you should first practice simple asanas to get into the rhythm and getting your body in shape. It is more important to do the asanas properly rather than attempting to do advanced asanas. First master the asans that you can do comfortably, get into practice for say a month and then move towards advanced/ difficult asansas.

What I mean is that as a beginner, doing simple asanas perfectly along with pranayama/ yoga breathing will also benefit you a lot.

2. In case, you are in the age group of 20-30 years and you are in good physical shape, you may be able to attempt the advanced yoga asanas. There is no harm in doing these asanas if you are able to do it perfectly and without any strain.

3. In case you are not able to do any advanced asanas and still want to try them, you can practice these asanas after your dialy yoga practice. Attempt these asans till your muscles and flexibility permits. For example, while attempting Bound Angle Pose, if you are not able to touch your knees to the ground, try to attempt the asana (with limited movement) as far as possible. Repeat this limited movement 20-30 times or as long as your body permits. Do not over stretch and try it regularly for a month to get results.

4. Remember the flexibility shown by expert yoga teachers in DVD's was not achieved in a day. It is usually the result of years of practice. So patience and perseverance is the key.

Hope this helps.

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