Yoga Therapy Can Cure Diseases

Yoga therapy can be used as complementary therapy in conjunction with conventional treatments for most of the diseases. Yogic practices are quite useful as therapy because yoga aims to rejuvenate the body from within by strengthening and improving functioning of  various bodily systems and organs. 

Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Yoga cures the root cause of any disease irrespective of symptoms, as yoga improves the health of circulatory system, nervous system, endocrine glands and other organs. Also, yoga provides the serenity, peace and deep relaxation for the healing to take place.

Management of some of the disease by yoga practice is very effective against various life style diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disorders, digestive system diseases and anxiety etc. You can read through motivational story submitted by Rama from Bangalore, how doing 100 surya namaskars cured dry eyes.

Before adopting yoga as therapy, go through these yoga healing tips.

Why It Is Important To Always Consult Your Doctor?

Yoga practice is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. You need to consult with your physician for proper diagnosis of your disease before attempting yoga therapy. Please remember that allopathic treatment is unavoidable in case of severity of the disease, urgent treatment or  wherever surgical intervention is mandatory.

Consult a Yoga Expert

Yoga therapy must be started under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher or yoga therapist.  A yoga therapist can suggest appropriate yogic exercises, kriyas, diet advice and lifestyle changes which will heal the patient's mind and body.  It is important to note that yoga exercises for a particular patient are selected as per his specific disease. However, all the yogic exercises work in in a holistic manner  to provide good health and we can not say that a particular asana or a set of asanas can cure a disease.

Healing Through Yoga Is Preventive In Nature

A regular practice of yoga can prevent a person from most of the diseases by strengthening the body as well as improving the immunity against diseases. Therefore,  it is advisable to start yoga as early as possible between 30 to 40 years of age when you are still healthy.  And yoga will help you to stay healthy. But there is no upper age limit to use yoga for better health.

Five Sheaths of Body

According to yoga philosophy there are five sheaths of human existence, first and innermost is physical body, second is vital body known as Prana through which vital energy flows throughout the nadis. Third sheath is mind, which is the seat of emotions and thoughts. Fourth sheath is our knowledge termed as intellect. Last and outermost sheath is known as Bliss/ Soul which includes universal consciousness.

Imbalance of Energy Produces Disease

Our soul is a part of supreme consciousness and is pure. The fourth and fifth sheath is permeated by a universal consciousness and is not disturbed by our actions/ thinking. When a person is truly healthy, the positive energy in the highest sheath percolates freely to lower ones and brings total harmony and balance to all faculties. However, imbalances in first three sheaths results due to physical blockages of fluids and energy blockages  can block free flow of energy. These imbalances in lower sheaths is the cause of diseases.

Root Cause Of Suffering

Human sufferings are rooted in illusion when we lose contact with supreme consciousness. We  think that what we observe through our senses is the true nature of the world. Most of us are slaves to emotions like ego, anger, lust, power, money or greed.  But we forget that our soul which is above all emotions is the highest sheath of existence and is a part of supreme consciousness. Once we realise our true self by inculcating self awareness through yoga practice, our souls will shine brightly and all diseases will vanish. Then you reach a state of  bliss where there is no disease.

Healing Power Yoga: How Yoga Therapy Heals?

Yoga therapy aims removes the blockages to free flow of energy in the three lower sheaths. Makes us self aware and removes negative enery. Yoga healing is by right mix of the following :

  • Shat Kriyas.  Effective elimination/ detoxification and purification of body.
  • Asanas.  To relax and tone the muscles and give massage to internal organs and glands.
  • Pranayama.  Regulates the breathing and flow of Prana, the vital energy.
  • Meditation.  Ensures peace of mind and possible connection with mind and body.
  • Yoga Diet.  Simple diet principles ensure good health.
  • Positive affirmations. There is strong effect of our emotions and thinking on our health. Yoga practice can remove your negative energy and replace it with positive affirmations for health. A positive frame of mind is essential for recovery of patient. The prevention and healing of disease is a process that begins in the mind.
  • Stimulation of endocrine glands.  Endocrine glands play a very important role in regulating body functions. Yoga chakras are co-located with various endocrine glands. Yoga practice exercises various glands to perform optimally.

Yogic Exercises   Asanas, Pranayama and meditation techniques when performed in a planned manner with a specific purpose prove to be much more effective.

Yoga therapy teaches us how to properly make use of infinite energy available in the universe and channelise it properly in the body. For perfect health follow the eight fold path of yoga ie ashtanga yoga as enunciated by sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.

Once your mind and body is rejuvenated by practice of asanas and pranayama, it is time to move further on your spiritual journey and move towards concentration, meditation and sadhana. Progress in this realm requires faith and determination.

Start yoga when you are healthy. If you catch a disease, still yoga treatment techniques can help.

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