Thyroid Diseases And Yoga

by Ebtesam Zoha
(Dhaka,Bangladesh )

My mom's going through this disease. Is there any remedy other than having medicines everyday?


Thyroid disease is the most common disease affecting women. You have not mentioned any details about your mother's thyroid disease.

For most of the diseases affecting thyroid glands, the yogic treatment is similar. The thyroid glands have to be activated and exercised.

~ Consult a good doctor and do not miss on medicine or follow up visits.

~ Once the disease is under control, start yoga.

~ Preferably learn yoga from a teacher. In case hypertension or diabetes are also present along with thyroid disease, yoga practice should take this into account.

~ Be regular with yoga practice, at least 6 times a week. Other exercises that can help in addition to yoga are brisk walking, swimming or cycling.

~ Lot of patience is required to get over this disease with yoga. It may take a year or more of yoga practice to reach a stage when a person can leave medicines, that too in consultation with doctor as health improves.

~ Cure of thyroid disease with yoga will depend on your yoga practice (time duration and skill with asanas), faith, self confidence and self discipline. All the diseases are associated with the body. Yoga practice will help to grow spiritually too and chances of getting cured increases.

~ In case your mother is suffering from hyothyroidism, you can have a look at this webpage about yoga and hypothyroidism .

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Hope this helps

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Jan 30, 2015
by: frankeinstein

Yoga is the best medicine for every disease. My mother was affected with this thyroid disease. And when she attended a class in yoga done a great guru she was totally cured from the thyroid disease. It is true guys. Everyone must try to attend the yoga classes.

Apr 01, 2010
Your post is very educational and descriptive
by: Tasneem R


Your post is very educational and descriptive. Thank you for sharing this. Yes, yoga can cure many diseases if performed faithfully. Thyroid is one such disease which can be cured by yoga but it will take time for the diseases to get perished completely.


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