Can You Explain Rhythmic Breathing?

by Premalal

I am 58 years of age. Can you please explain about the rhythmic breathing? I want to know about the benefits of Pranayama.


Yogic breathing implies that we get prana in each breath we inhale. Prana is a vital energy which is all pervasive and is the driving force for all living things.

Most of people take shallow breaths and thereby have low energy levels as lung capacity is not fully utilised during each breath. This deficiency of oxygen in body results in accumulation of toxins in the body leading to heavy breathing, obesity, heart disease and other diseases.

With conscious efforts and yoga breathing practices, we can get increase our lung capacity, get much more oxygen and improve our health. Rhythmic breathing is becoming aware of the breath and follow a rhythm in breathing. For example you may start breathing with a pattern of inhalation for 5 seconds and exhalation for 5 seconds and say repeat 10 times. Take a moments rest and repeat. Gradually increase the number of repetitions.

At your age you can safely start with rhythmic breathing (initially do for 5 minutes and if comfortable upto 15 minutes) and alom vilom pranayama (start with 5 minutes, increase upto 15-20 minutes)followed by 10 minutes of shavasana.

The major benefits of Pranayama can be summarised as:-

    ~ More oxygen intake increases the energy levels
    ~ Body organs receive more 'prana' or energy and health improves.
    ~ Better removal of toxins from the blood.
    ~ Better blood circulation, digestive system, heart beats at slower rate and blood pressure reduces.
    ~ Emotions are better controlled.

Hope this helps in your Pranayama practice.


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