Practice Yoga At Home

by Armia Kamal

I heard about yoga very much but one of my friends spoke in front of me, a lot about Yoga and its importance. And I love to learn that I practice yoga at home. I work a computer engineer Taba - Sinai. I am 30 years old and married. Sit down on the desk for long periods, sometimes. My weight is 78 kg and height is 169 cm. I love to learn how the art of Yoga to Begin.

I sometimes feel when you sit for extended periods of large numb in my feet.


Hello Armia Kamal

I guess you want to start yoga practice on your own. Starting yoga on your own when you do not have access to a yoga teacher can be difficult task. But there are lot of people who try to learn yoga on their own. In this case do not do advance yoga asanas for which correct alignment and movement is extremely important. You have to read a lot, buy good quality DVDs and get good yoga books. Start with simple asanas at first and proceed gradually. If you feel better, start with simple yoga breathing exercises like rhythmic breathing and alom vilom. Most important point is to understand the philosophy of yoga.

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Here is a link to a simple yoga sequence.
How to start with a simple yoga sequence?

Let me know of any help required thereafter.

Hope this helps.

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Aug 27, 2016
Anulom Vilom
by: Anonymous

Hello.. I want to do anulom vilom for four hours at one stretch after some months of practice. First I will start with five minutes and I will slowly and gradually increase my duration. My important question is, will my kundalini start awakening and will it be reach to sahasrara if I do four or five hours a day anulom vilom.

Please answer..Thank you..

Editors Note

1. Your idea of doing anulom vilom alone without doing any other asana is not recommended. Integrate yoga breathing along with a balanced practice of yoga poses. Doing of pranayama alone can be counter productive.

2. Doing anumlom vilom for up to 15-20 minutes is what is recommended. Some people may stretch up to 30 minutes. Doing too much of pranayama should explicitly be for a specific purpose and under guidance only.

3. Caution Kundalini awakening is not to be resorted to without supervision.

Hope it helps

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