Studies Burnout and Yoga

by Tushar
(Lucknow, India)

Hello.. I am Tushaar. I had a burnout as I am nearly studying 15 hours a day for last 5 months as my psychologist told me. I was under massive amount of stress and one day it all exploded in my head. Although I still want to study but my concentration and focus is Nil. Which yoga practices should I practice?


1. Studying 15 hours a day means that you may not have got time for proper rest and sleep. Lack of exercise, sleep deprivation and stress of examinations puts lot of mental strain on our mind.

2. Remember that birthplace of all stress is our human mind. It gets accumulated in our mind. Remove the conditions that produce stress and it will vanish.

3. Do not keep worrying about the exam, past actions or future. Be focused and think of the time available to you now. God has given you the time to do karma and positive karma will bring results.

4. Plan your studies well and reserve some time for little bit of walking, yoga or any other exercise.

5. While studying ensure that you maintain correct posture and back is straight. Incorrect posture results in sub optimal breathing and stresses our muscles and backbone.

Around 30 minutes of yoga in a day will help you to get over the feelings of stress and burnout.
6. Stretching Asanas will contract and stretch most of the muscles of your body which will help in relaxing the muscles and your body. You can practice simple asanas like surya namaskar, tadasana, trikonasana, parvatanasana and bhujangasana.

7. Learn to breathe properly can soothe your nervous system and help in relaxation. Proper breathing ensures sufficient oxygen to brain and all other organs of body. As you will not have much spare time due to studies; practice rhythmic breathing and alom vilom. If your health is good and you do not have any known health problem, you can practice kapalabhati pranayama.

8. Deep Relaxation can be achieved by shavasana for 5 minutes followed by yoga nidra.

9. For better concentration, sit in padmasana or sukhasana and practice 'aum' recitation while maintaining your attention on 'trikuti', the point corresponding to center of eyebrows.

10. In addition, anytime you feel stressed, you can practice rhythmic breathing for 5 minutes while lying in shavasana. If you have spare time, practice yoga nidra also.

Hope this helps.

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Mar 03, 2015
Study Help
by: Kishor Shinde

Very Good!!!!

Dec 08, 2014
yeah nice
by: Kim

Now this is a good thing for students indeed. This would be something that would really help them to improve a lot on the controlling their mental stress and pressure that they go through after pushing some limits for long study hours.

May 04, 2010
Get Inspired and Continue with Your Practice
by: Daljit

Hello Tushar

I am glad to know that you are feeling better. What is more important is your realisation that you can feel better. Your story can motivate many others having similar problems.

Continue with your practice and make it a part of your lifestyle. Keep enhancing your yoga practice by adding more asanas or increasing the duration or repetitions of asanas or pranayama. Improve your breathing, practice yoga nidra and try few stretching asanas.

Sleep early, do shavasana and yoga nidra before sleeping.

Practice of aum recitation will improve your concentration and your self awareness. Identify your fears and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths and gradually overcome your fears. Do not delay the actions you fear but are otherwise very important.

There will come a time when you will start enjoying yoga and then positive feelings and good health will drive away any thoughts of depression.

For taking your practice to next level you have to do a lot of self study and seek a good yoga teacher in your town/ city. A good teacher can really speed up your progress.

You can read this article on relaxation also.

All the best.


May 04, 2010
I was the one who wrote this blog!
by: tushar

I was the one who wrote this blog!! Actually I felt very depressed in the initial stages! Although the feeling has eased a bit but I still feel sick from inside!! I am practicing yoga for 30 minutes, deep breathing for 5 min, kapalbhati for 10 min, anumon-vilom for 10 min and then bhramri for 5 to 10 times and then I end with shavasna. DO you think it to be ok?

Apr 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Studying too much for a long period of time can have an adverse effect in your mind . In order to get back the focus ans the concentration you need to to practice deep breathing or Pranayama . Here I'm giving you a link , check it out . It has got all the information on Pranayama or deep breathing .

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