Thumb Rule for Eating

by Ramesh G

Eat every bite of food chewing and mixing with saliva deliberately for more time. Importantly stop eating when when you get your first blurp. That avoids over eating and even the tastiest of any food cannot be consumed more if you eat like this. Eat again when you feel hungry. Eventually you will follow a pattern. Don't drink water 30 minutes before and after eating. Else you risk dilution of digestive juices in stomach.
This technique is very simple. You will start seeing improvements in 48 to 72 hours.
Have more to share. Reply back if you have questions.

Ramesh G

Thanks Ramesh for your valuable suggestions. If you have any further queries, enter your comments below.

All the best.

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Water with meals
by: Anonymous

Few more refinement if you really feel drinking water with meals. If meal is dry, always take hot water in sips with meals, hot means you have to blow making it drinkable, this will balance your need and make you drink what should he ideal amount of water.

Editors note
Thanks for the good suggestion. But I feel lukewarm water in winters and water at room temperature (not from the refrigerator) should be good enough.


by: Anonymous

Thanks for the suggestions. Your comments are vaulable.

Starting your breakfast/Lunch/Dinner with a small sweet is better. As you said sweets produce more saliva. Infact our food should contain all the 6 tastes as much as possible - Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, and Astringent. refer -

All our vital organs gets stimulated by those 6 tastes. Remember not to dilute the food by drinking water while eating And just before/after eating. Leave atleast 30 to 45 mins gap before/ after each meal and drink water ONLY if you feel like.

By the way - Drinking excessive water is going to weaken your kidney slowly .. simply becuase it will be over-working all the time. Hence drink only so much as needed. I see several posts recommending to drink 10 -12 glasses everyday, which I believe is NOT right at all. We need to learn and respect our organs and not abuse them making them work overtime.

Any comments ?

More Tips on Eating
by: Anonymous

1. Do not talk while eating.
2. Do not take water before and in the middle of the meal.
3. You can sip a little bit of water before meal just to wet the oesophagus.
4. Concentrate on the food and enjoy the taste. For example, I mean do not watch TV, talk on phone, read books or concentrate on something else. This is the respect you are giving to the food that you eat which is keeping you healthy.
5. Practice sitting in sukhasan on the floor and eat, that can help you avoid over eating.
6. You can have a little bit of sweet after eating and do not swallow it, enjoy the sweet as it secretes more saliva to make a 100% digestion.
After all the food we eat is broken in to sugar which is needed for the cells. The saliva and the digestive juices help that process.

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