Yoga And Relaxation Techniques For Studies

by Arpit Sharma

I am Arpit Sharma from Bhopal. I have a query, it would be my pleasure if you will reply this mail. as I am very frustrated and depressed I will be very thankful to you if you will solve my query. I am CA student doing articleship, I just want to know how can I relax in evening after full day of work in office and coaching so that I can study at least 5-6 hours at night.

I am not getting any time for studies and my exams are in may 2010 and unfortunately my preparations are not well. I know that in this world nothing is impossible. This task that is clearing CA inter exams seems to be impossible for me, but I had decided to make this task possible at any cost.

I just want to know that how can I relax (any relaxation technique or pranayam at night so that I can study 5-6 hours at night)


Yoga and meditation can help you to get control over your emotions and stress.

1. You have to think of success and not failure. You have to help yourself by avoiding negative thoughts by becoming aware of negative thoughts. Just be a neutral observer to your negative thoughts and do not get affected by them.

2. Depression and frustration are all your feelings; they are taking birth in your mind and keep growing thereafter. You just decide that you are at peace with yourself and affirm to yourself that you are confident of handling your exams. Nobody else can help you; you are the best person to help yourself. Fix your aim and put your heart and soul into it. Do not worry about the future, plan for future and act. Positive action is bound to get you through.

Your Action Plan

3. Eat Healthy. If you eat more, you will overload your stomach and lot of energy goes for digesting the food. Do not starve either, eat healthy and nutritious food including lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid tea, coffee, colas, alcoholic drinks, fried stuff and other junk foods. It is essential that you eat an early dinner. Your dinner should be light and should contain minimum carbohydrates. This will improve your concentration when studying post dinner. A ten minutes walk past dinner can be quite refreshing. Do eat some
nuts in a day instead of other snacks.

4. Regular exercise is a must. You can do yoga or alternatively you can do brisk walking or cycling.

5. Conserve Time. Do not waste your time. Manage your time well and take out time for at least six to seven hours of sound sleep.

6. Conserve Energy. Do not waste your energy in un-necessary talking, arguing, discussion or seeing TV. Avoid strenuous physical exercise. Even when you close your eyes, you are conserving the energy required by our brain.

7. Stay away from negative people. Identify people around you who spread negativity, stay away from such people. They will demoralise you. Instead interact with people who can motivate you.

8. Positive Visualisation. Visualise yourself time and again successfully clearing the exams.

9. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will effect your concentration, efficiency and even yoga asanas or yoga breathing will not be effective.

10. Accept your limitations if any and consider seeking help, if required.

11. How yoga can help?

~ Reduce stress
~ Boost your digestion and metabolism
~ Improve blood circulation
~ Improve concentration
~ Soothe the nerves

Yoga poses and pranayama even for 30 minutes a day can help you to relax and cool your nerves.

12. Yoga practice. Preferably do yoga early in the morning or around sunset time in the evening. You can do the following asanas and pranayama for approx 30 minutes daily:

~ Pranayama : rhythmic breathing, alom vilom, bhramri, kapalabhati
~ Asanas : surya namaskar, trikonasna, tadasana, bhujang asana, sarvanghasana, shavasana
~ Aum recitation in sukh asana
~ End your yoga session with 5 minutes of shavasana
~ You can practice shavasana or yoga nidra just before sleeping for relaxation.
(Preferably learn yoga from a teacher).

~ During your studies, whenever you feel tired lie down on the floor (on a yoga mat) in shavasana, close your eyes, breathe rhythmically without straining yourself for 5 to 10 minutes.(Prefer this method of relaxation to watching TV)

~ Practice rhythmic breathing whenever possible.

~ After dinner try to sit in vajrasana for some time.

~ When you are sitting for studies on your study table, maintain correct posture. Keep your back straight and do not lean on the table.

Hope this helps and let us know of your success!


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Jul 01, 2012
YOGA for studies
by: Anonymous

Its too good, thanks for giving such valuable suggestions..

Mar 31, 2010
Highly Impressed
by: Anonymous

Really, very effective solutions, 100 % valuable

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