Repeat An Asana Or Hold Longer?

by Kathy

I do a beginner yoga routine. There are several poses that are repeated. I can hold the pose for the length of time that the program repeats it twice. Which is better to do?


For a beginner, each pose is held for a short time generally 5 to 15 seconds depending on the physical fitness of yoga practioner and difficulty of the pose. For a beginner learning a new pose, possible challenges are learning the technique, lack of necessary strength or flexibility. Therefore, for a beginner number of repetitions of a particular pose at a very slow pace is advised. Slow movements in getting into the asana, holding the asana and getting out of the pose help to gain strength and flexibility over a period of time.

Once you become experienced, a particular pose is done once only. The actual benefit of a pose is achieved when it is held for a longer duration.

Duration of holding of an asana will depend on each persons ability. A beginner after 2-3 weeks of practice can aim to hold difficult asanas for say 15 seconds and relatively easy ones for say one minute. You can experiment with the timings for holding of various asanas once you become comfortable with the technique of a particular asana.

Hope this helps.


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