Online Healing Yoga Consultation for Health Issues

Are you looking for a holistic and balanced approach to manage your health issues? It can be quite challenging how to adopt yoga for management of disease, both related to physical as well as mental health.

It is our endeavour to offer help and guidance to people who want to get over their health issues holistically and are not sure how to proceed. Before we can try to help you, it is advisable that you have got your health issues examined and diagnosed by a doctor.

What we offer?

A client centered therapy where we focus on the health goals of the client. Healing will focus on improving the mind, body and soul connection so that each element works individually and in perfect coordination with each other. Most of the time we are not balanced in our mind, body and spirit. We will aim to create that balance. 

We assess a persons mental health, physical health, emotional health, relationship health, spiritual health, work environment and home environment.

What we will do?

  • We believe to provide results to the client
  • We will enable you to heal yourself
  • We offer customised and specific advice

What we will not do?

We will make a person capable of healing and advise daily practices which do not make them dependent on the therapist. Once the sessions are over, there is no dependency on the therapist. Though we offer support and a client is welcome to seek clarifications anytime.

What you can expect?

We will assess your present health and advise yoga and other required therapies to manage the diseases. The main focus of such an approach will be to help you to make appropriate changes to lifestyle, diet and exercises or yoga practice. Our This includes specific action points and simple instructions.

  • Manage to stay healthy following a natural holistic approach
  • Become aware of yourself
  • Stay in the present
  • Make proper choices in life
  • Become confident to face the world
  • Emotional cleansing
  • Physical health improvement
  • Better lifestyle
  • Better management of relationships
  • Management of negative emotions like anger hatred, irritation or helplessness etc.

Notice the change after the first session

Objectives of   Holistic Health Consultation

Understand and develop your personal health and provide a step by step plan to better your health.

Provide support  for building new healthy habits and advice for sustainable changes to your present lifestyle.

Nutritional advice with insightful tips on  diet and lifestyle.

Remove all emotional blocks to aid the healing.

Holistic health awareness to help you become healthier and happier in  balanced in all areas of your life – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Get you on the path to a wonderfully balanced life.

How to get our holistic health consultation?

Sign up for our holistic health consultation and you will be guided to fill out our holistic health intake form and then you can can schedule a 30 minutes free call with us and we will explain you how we can work together with your health issues. 

We will evaluate your form and if we are satisfied that we can help you, we will approve your form and confirm our 30 minutes call.

Our solutions do not recommend any other product or supplements.

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