Ever Green Forest

by Supraja Sampath
(United Arab Emirates)

Life was all fun, carefree living, achievements and successes until I got married. My body started undergoing lots of changes. After two complicated deliveries my back went stiff at 30 years. Doing the day to day routine itself became a challenge which instilled fear, I had low self-image too. This thinking lead to sort of Depression.

I live in Dubai and I happened to meet a person called Mr Sanjeev Krishnan who took me through a procedure of Back strengthening Asanas. The experience was so beautiful, I felt lot of relief on the joints. Basic stretches with proper breathing was taught to me. The relief which I experienced, motivated towards regularity.

Everyday, at the same time, in a same place I started doing yoga for two years. I became perfectly normal, but thought I did not reduce much of weight. Then I started going to a fitness trainer at a nearby gym. In three months I got into a bone fever like Dengue where in I was not able to move the whole body.

I ran back to my Yoga guru, started lots of pranayama along with the asanas and now I am back to normal. Reducing weight is not the key, its staying Fit and healthy to take my day head on is what is required.

Mental calmness, flexible body with light diet helps me to be fresh all through the day. YOGA is my way of life and I look forward to doing it EVERYDAY.

Editors Note:
Thanks Supraja for your such an inspiring yoga submission. It is great that you have taken yoga as a way of life. Once you make yoga a part of you lifestyle, all the health benefits follows. Otherwise, doing yoga with an aim to get specific benefit is a short term solution.


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