My Experience Regarding Flexibility

by Bhoomika Shah
(Bangalore, India)

I learned yoga 10 years back from now. In our class first we used to do the prayer, then we practiced Yogamudra and Marjari asana. After that we had to do 'Sukshma Vyayam (Gentle exercise from toes to head)' before proceeding for the Asanas.

I practiced yoga for around 2 years. After that I had a huge gap in my yoga practice. Now I have again started practicing yoga for past 1 year as a Yoga Instructor. I found myself enough flexible for doing beginners and middle level asanas.

I just want to tell that, practicing 'Sukshma vyayam' will help you tremendously in regaining the flexibility. Its my personal experience that, if you practice 'Sukshma Vyayam' for at least 2 months, you will find positive change in your body structure, the shape of your feet and the ease with which all the parts bend through joints. Also the series of Sukshma Vyayam is easy to perform for person of any age group.

Hope this will help.

Bhoomika Shah

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Jul 05, 2011
What is Sukshma Vyayam - for Ganesha
by: Anonymous

If you take a look at this you tube video you can find out what it is. It prepares the body for the postures
I hope this helps you.

Jun 11, 2011
Details About Sukshma Vyayama
by: ganesha jaguva

You have not given any details of what is sukshma vyayam.

Can you provide some details?

Ganesha Jaguva

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