Yoga before or after walking

by Anonymous

I am 37 years old and have high blood pressure. I do walking daily on jogger for half hour in the morning. When should I do meditation, pranayama & asanas for high blood pressure? Before or after walking on jogger?

You have not provided details about your blood pressure. If you are having high blood pressure, ensure that you keep taking your medicines. If your blood pressure reduces with yoga practice you can reduce your medicine dose in consultation with your doctor.

You should first walk on your jogger before doing yoga. Thereafter take few minutes rest and do yoga in this sequence :

  1. Asanas strengthens our body and makes us to become more aware/ conscious about your body. Asanas relax both body and mind.

  2. Pranayama further relaxes our mind and body, soothes the nerves, relieves all stresses from the brain.

  3. Meditation. After asanas and pranayama body is energised, free from stress and is able to concentrate more on meditation

Remember it is not advisable not to stress your body after doing yoga.

Hope this helps.

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Jun 05, 2009
Yoga before and after jogging
by: Anita Boser

I've been jogging for five months, which I find very difficult, and have been using my yoga practice to help. The hardest part for me is breathing while jogging and feeding my muscles with energy, so I start with a pranayama to build the breath.

Then I do three asanas moving in and out of the poses with the breath to warm up my body, usually vajrasana, virbhadrasana, and uttanasana. These poses get my large muscles ready to run and mobilizes my ankles, knees, hips, and spine so jogging isn't so jarring.

After jogging, I love the feeling of down dog. I can finally get my heels to the floor. I usually choose more seated poses after jogging and enjoy the luxurious feeling of the poses compared to the struggle of jogging.

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