How To Get Free From Hypothyroidism?

by Maushumi

I want to be free from diseases.

I am a yoga beginner. I have thyroid problem. As a result I am fatty. I have other problems too. Please recommend me a proper diet (I am non vegetarain) to be healthy and slim. I want to get free from thyroid problems. Please help me out. Suggest me right yoga asanas and pranayama.


As you have mentioned that you are gaining weight it is understood that you are suffering from hyprothyroidism. It requires lot of effort to get over hypothyroidism. Here are few suggestions:

1. Keep taking the medicine and follow up regularly with your doctor and get your thyroid tested periodically.

2. Reducing weight should be your top most priority. Reduce weight with lot of exercise and diet control. For this purpose, you may be required to reduce your calorie intake to minimum. It becomes essential that you take only healthy nutritious food. Strictly avoid processed, frozen food, junk food, bakery products, soft drinks and sugar. You may eat non vegetarian food but ensure it is cooked with minimum oil, is easy to digest and is not loaded with calories.

3. Next important issue is to remain emotionally balanced. To stay balanced and relaxed is of paramount importance.
~ Control your stress levels
~ Do not worry
~ Control your anxiety levels
~ Get over your fears or phobias
You need to have lot of patience to cope with thyroid.

4. Do yoga regularly and in addition do some other exercise like walking or play any game. This will help to burn more calories and boost your metabolism. Be regular with your exercise.

5. For better relaxation, do yoga nidra daily and at least 15 minutes of meditation.

6. In case you are working or housewife raising kids, there are additional demands on you and it becomes more important to maintain energy levels. For this plan some rest/nap during the day and sleep early get adequate sleep of up to seven hours at night.

7. While, yoga may not cure thyroid so easily, it can assure you a better life with much improved energy levels.

For more information click on the following link:
yoga for hypothyroidism

Hope this helps.


P.S. It is recommended to learn yoga from an experienced teacher. After that you may do yoga at home. In case you need more specific advice, you may contact me.
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