Nap After Yoga Practice

by Kavitha

Hello. I started doing for just one month. After finishing yoga I feel like sleeping. When I take a nap after yoga I really feel fresh. Is it good taking a nap after doing yoga?


There is no harm in taking a relaxing nap of 15 to 30 minutes after your yoga practice. It will freshen you up and remove any tiredness as a result of yoga practice. If you feel sleepy after yoga practice take some rest, and you can have better energy levels throughout the day.

Yoga practice energises the body and provides relaxation of mind and body. Anybody with regular yoga practice may not need a nap after yoga practice.

However, for yoga beginners, extensive yoga sessions may tire the body to some extent. Body takes some time to adjust to yoga asanas. In the beginning, yoga practitioners may need to stretch the body to maximum limits in order to perform an asana. In addition to fatigue, beginners may experience some soreness of muscles or slight stiffness of joints.

Yoga practice is interspersed with shava asanas with a long shavasana of 5 to 10 minutes at the end of yoga practice. This helps the body to assimilate the energy generated during yoga practice. It is generally recommended to rest for 20 to 30 minutes after asana practice to get proper benefits of yoga. During this time, you may feel an urge to take a short nap.

Experienced yoga practitioners also benefit by after yoga practice and may love a nap if sufficient time is available. With enough practice, performing yoga asanas becomes easier day by day and yoga practice becomes more enjoyable.

Do not strain your body while doing yoga and take adequate sleep at night for successful practice.

Hope this helps


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