Yoga Practice And High Blood Pressure

by S.Ramamurthi
(New Delhi,India)

I am practicing yoga for the past 15 years or so. My blood pressure is under control with medication for the past 6 years or so. I do any of the exercises without much difficulty and I am quite comfortable with my yoga activilty. I am 74 now. Many of the asanas and pranayamams are not for blood pressure patients.

Is it applicable for those whose blood pressure is under control?

Can I do all the asanas and pranayama so long I do not feel discomfort?

I do yoga from 0530-0630 relax, have a cup of milk and go for a walk for 30-40 minutes. Is it ok? Or after yoga should I not walk at all?

I raised this point in my earlier also. Kindly clarify.


1. In case your blood pressure is normal and you have been doing yoga for past 15 years, you can continue with your yoga practice. However, I suggest you avoid inverted poses and kapalabhati, bhastrika and surya bhedi pranayaama. Also, do not hold breath during pranayama.

2. It is not a question of whether you do all the asanas or few asanas. What is more important is do you feel relaxed and energetic after your yoga practice?

3. I suggest you first go for a walk, take 5 minutes rest and then do yoga. You should not do any other exercise
after yoga. Or you can do walking in the evening. Before going for your walk you may take lime juice with honey and luke warm water.

4. In your yoga practice you must include relaxation in shavasana at the end of yoga practice. If time permits, also do yoga nidra. In pranayama, it is more important for you to practice rhythmic breathing, ujjayi, anulom vilom, bhramri, sheetali and shitkari pranayama.

5. You must adapt your lifestyle as per principles of yogic lifestyle. Meditation and pranayama are the important tools for stress management, calming the mind and body and relaxing the mind. These practice improves emotional control also.

6. While doing meditation, practice sitting in any of the meditation poses such as sukhasana, vajrasana, sidhasana or padmasana.

7. I suggest you keep on taking your medicine for high blood pressure and try to do more of yoga and walking so as to lower your blood pressure. For this purpose, you need to follow the dietary advice for hypertension strictly, reduce stress and anxiety.

Hope this helps


P.S. It is recommended to meet an experienced yoga teacher locally, to seek guidance for modifying your present yoga routine and to ensure that you are following the correct technique. After that you may do yoga at home. In case you need more specific advice, you may contact me.
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