Stopping High Blood Pressure Medicine With Yoga

by Nazrul

I am 50 years old and and noticed blood pressure 2 and half years before, since than i am taking medicine and B.P is under control i.e. 120/80. Everyday I walk 30 to 45 min, and very much cautious about having food. I am completely vegetarian,apart from this I used to do meditation every single day and also few yoga asanas. Shall I avoid medicine? I came to know if a person performs yoga and meditation everyday, blood pressure will be lowered in the course of time. If it is so shall I avoid medicine?

Since I am taking medicine and keep my blood pressure under control, taking medicine for a long period of BP can damage my body organs.

It would be highly appreciated if you kindly clarify me everything.

Waiting for your valued reply
Nazrul Islam


1. Regular yoga practice will definitely help you to lower your blood pressure, though it may take 6 months or a year depending on your health and amount of yoga you do.

2. Regarding medicine, it is mandatory that you keep taking your medicine unless doctor advises you to stop taking medicine. If you want to stop taking medicine, one of the most important aspect is to reduce weight. Based on my personal experience of overcoming high blood pressure I can say that walk at least for one hour daily and do yoga practice for an hour or so. As your weight reduces and yoga practice improves, your blood pressure is likely to come down,consult your doctor for stopping the blood
pressure medicine. Your yoga practice must include asanas and pranayama like anulom vilom, rhythmic breathing. Kapalabhati for high blood pressure can be practiced at a slow pace.

3. Along with yoga practice and yoga breathing you have to reduce the stress levels, adopt more active lifestyle. Try to be happy and contended all the time, help others, forgive others mistakes, love others and get over all negative emotions like fear, jealousy, hatred etc.

4. Your aim must be to get complete relaxation of mind and body. Eliminate stress and anxiety to reduce your blood pressure. If possible spend at least 20 to 30 minutes for meditation after yoga practice. Practice yoga nidra at least two times a week. Do not worry about blood pressure, do your work, do regular exercise and eat well.

5. You can also read related article on yoga poses for reducing anxiety and hypertension.

6. One word of caution, do not over exert yourself. Your walking and yoga practice should be as per your physical fitness.

Hope this helps.


P.S. To get better results, it will be better if you seek consultation from a local yoga teacher and practice under supervision.

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