Should I Stop Eating Non Vegetarian With Yoga Diet

by Sri

Should I stop non veg with yoga diet?


Vegetarian diet is recommended for Yoga. Ideally for progress in the path of yoga, it is recommended not to eat non vegetarian food. The only food suggested for yogis is satvik food in moderate quantity. Also, a yogi rises above the taste of food. Idea is to eat for living. A satvik vegetarian diet is enough for a person practicing yoga and following yogic lifestyle.

Should I Stop Eating Non Vegetarian Diet. It is recommended that doing yoga is more important than whether you eat vegetarian or non vegetarian diet. Yoga practice may over a period of time make you think to change over to completely vegetarian diet.

Know Your Inner Urge. The urge to become vegetarian should come from inside and not forced from outside. The purpose is not solved if you stop eating non veg and in your heart you feel the urge to eat meat. Then harmony is not reached between what you feel and what you do.

Resisting the Temptation. Any person wanting to change over to completely vegetarian diet has to take the bold step and resist the temptation to eat meat for some period of time. Gradually, with strong determination this urge will go away. Yoga practice and meditation will help you in this.

Doing yoga is more important, keep on with your yoga practice. You can become complete vegetarian when your mind is ready for it.

Hope this helps.

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