A New Person in 4 Months!

by Mel Auret
(London, UK)

Me this Christmas!

Me this Christmas!

Hi there,

Reading this article it suddenly struck me how my life has changed since beginning Yoga. Previously (over the last couple of years) I went running a couple of times per week and hit the gym a few times but never felt I really worked hard enough and sometimes I skipped days when it was raining or I just didn't feel like it!

I worked in an extremely stressful job for up to 15 hours per day managing a business centre and it reached the point where I felt utterly exhausted and was battling stress related illnesses. I couldn't sleep, was fretting until the early hours of the morning and was constantly tense and snapped at everyone. I was even too exhausted to cook proper food or look after myself so my looks suffered. I yo-yo'd up and down in weight and I looked grey and ill.

Then my boyfriend noticed a yoga studio round the corner from us and suggested we go together one evening to help with the tension I had built up during another stressful day. Believing that yoga was a bit of a 'wimpy' girls thing for hippies, I begrudgingly agreed to try it (totally not thinking it would do anything for me at all).

Well, 90 minutes later I left the yoga studio, dripping sweat, red in the face but calm, stretched, totally relaxed and with a MASSIVE smile on my face! I was officially hooked!

I now go to the studio at least 4-5 times per week. I found the confidence in myself to quit my job and go back to college as a mature student to retrain for a career in naturopathy and herbal medicine, a long-held passion of mine. I feel calm, centred, happy and love everything about my life. I absolutely believe 100% that yoga gave me back my life and gave me the strength, fitness, stamina and mental calm to change my life into the one I wanted. Oh, and my weight is now stable and my skin is so much better!

I also work from home in a business that aligns with my goals and values and have set up my own website, like yourself, to help others the way I have been helped.

Keep up the great work, I have found your site informative, excellently put together and inspirational!


Mel Auret

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Sep 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Really Inspiring.All the best dear.

Mar 22, 2010
Life begins whenever ones wants it to.
by: Subhash

Dear Mel that is indeed a good beginning. I started Yoga about 20 years ago. Went through with it a long time and then I got married. Not to let go of it I roped in my wife as well and we used to practice it together. It was a great time.
Unfortunately somewhere along the way, about 8 years ago, the work pressures increased and I slowly got caught up in the work schedules and started neglecting Yoga. Soon enough I totally left it. Actually it was the time I most needed it due to the high levels of work related stress.
Then about two years back, I just made up my mind and set to it again. Life has started once again. The energy levels have gone up and the stress levels down.
I read your story and only hope that you do not let go of the daily practice. I did it and regret that now. All the best....

Feb 23, 2010
by: Deepa


I am much inspired by your article. Maybe, I am the another person, will be changing my life through yoga in next 4 months. Crossing my fingers,
hoping the best,


Feb 19, 2010

Respected Daljit

All of this happens because of you, you are spreading yoga education and knowledge to all, thanks for your yoga site.

B.Sravan Kumar
Hyderabad (India)

Feb 18, 2010
Yoga Can Change Lives
by: Daljit

Hello Mel

Thanks for your sharing a wonderful and inspiring article. Yoga can provide good health and glowing skin provided we are practice daily, control our diet, thinking and emotions. I hope this article will inspire more women to try out yoga.

As you have written, yoga practice can provide mental peace, more energy and helps to lose weight too. Yoga requires patience and regular practice.


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