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by Satyanarayana

I am 40 years, male. Before this I have never done yoga. My flexibility before starting yoga was very less. I could bend to touch my knees, with some external help by pushing I can touch my ankles. I will like to share how I started yoga.

How I Started With Yoga?
There is lot of material available on net. Also, good books are available. Please note there exists lot of variations in different yoga styles. "Bihar Yoga" is generally considered more mature than others. You can have a look at these two resources of good yoga books.
Bihar School of Yoga Books
Books By BKS Iyenger

Other useful online resources are:

Hints For Yoga Practice

1. Read well and understand 'Yoga' and how you can apply to yourself in modern world. What do you need.

2. Based on your flexibility, build your own sequence, it could take may be one month to freeze your practice.

3. Remember, if you do yoga fast, it will give aerobic effect. If you do slowly with awareness and good breathing, it will have yogic effect. Read more on scientific analysis of Surya Namaskara(Fast/Slow)

4. Practice sincerely.

5. Don't forget to add sirshasana & Sarvangasana to your sequence from the beginning.

6. If you are inflexible beginner, first practice a year on asanas, then try to look out for yoga class, pranayama etc.

7. You should first move to Intermediate level, to seriously practice asanas/pranayama. I went to yoga class for 15 days, I don't like set up there.
~ Lot of students are practicing there
from past one year.
~ Most of them can't sit in Padmasana/Vajrasana at all.
~ Most of them are not punctual (You can hear hundred reasons).
~ Most of them are not physically fit at all.
~ I don't think they can do any serious Yoga. May be just happy with the feeling that they are doing 'yoga'

With my yoga practice, I could touch floor with my palms and can sit in padmasana ( with little strain).

Best of luck.

Editors Note

Thanks Satya for sharing your experience. All the best for advancement of your practice. I will like to add few points here.

Yoga practice depends solely on a strong desire to learn yoga. If there is a strong desire to learn yoga, an individual will overcome all obstacles to learn yoga

When you go to a yoga class, do not compare with others. Every individuals expectations from yoga and accordingly pace of progress in yoga is different.

Start with a simple sequence that is easy to follow. You have to select your sequence based on availability of time, your flexibility and strength. You have to adapt yoga practice for your requirements.

Over a period of time with regular practice flexibility will improve.

Satya recommends to start a home practice and then join a yoga class. In his case he was familiar with what is yoga by visiting a yoga class. But for a beginner, who is totally new to yoga, it is very difficult to start yoga on your own. In this case lot of self study will be required.


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Jun 20, 2016
Gain Mass and Weight
by: Neel

I am 25 Years old and my age is 26 and height is 4.9. Which type yoga I can do and what type of diet I follow. Please suggest me.

Editors Note
Start with a generic yoga sequence and do more of stretching and surya namaskars. Eat real food which is healthy and nutritious, and avoid all junk food.

Hope it helps

May 29, 2015
Nature of breathing while doing asanas
by: T R Chandran

Please advise/guide while doing pawanmuktasana or bhujungasan etc., the inhalation should be effortless/natural (normal without any force) or it has to be done with some slight force.
I would appreciate your reply to my e-mail i.d ....Thank in anticipation of your guidance by e-mail.

Best regards
T R Chandran

Editors Note
While in the pose either pavanmuktasana or bhujang asana, breathing should be relaxed and without any force.

Hope it helps

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