Where To Start Yoga

by Nancy
(Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

I am looking for really a basic structure of where to begin. What is a typical day of eating and a typical week of yoga. I do not know whether to do yoga in the morning or evening or both and whether or not to include weight lifting and or cardio.

I have seen amazing benefits of both of all of these and have over the past year become very unhealthy. I do not know where to start but know the amazing benefits regular yoga brought to me two years ago mentally and physically. I was already in decent shape at that time and was eating healthy.

Tips on where to start again would be great. This time around I cannot afford a gym membership or go to yoga classes at least regularly. I have a lot of basic knowledge but do not know how to put it together. I would also be okay if you suggested to just include yoga for health/tone/weight loss/balance. I cannot find any where that suggests how to put it all together. Only the basics which I understand already just not on how to put it into a lifestyle and i really want to get back into better health.

I have gained 40+ pounds and eat so terribly. Please help. Thank you :)


Hello Nancy

1. Since you have already done yoga, you can start with simple hath yoga sequence. Your yoga practice must include yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation in shava asana or yoga nidra. I will suggest you concentrate only on yoga for the time being. If possible, go for half an hour walk before yoga.

2. In the beginning of your yoga practice start with yoga poses and pranayama you are comfortable with. Aim for a simple practice that you can do at least six days a week. Gradually increase the duration of the asanas as you gain strength and stamina.

3. I will suggest that you get up early in the morning and do yoga. If you can devote 60 to 90 minutes of yoga in the morning doing yoga in the evening is not required. In the evening if you have time go for a walk, play any game or any other physical activity to burn off some calories.

4. Next major challenge is to eat healthy. For this a regular yoga practice will inculcate some discipline in your eating habits. Make a resolve to stay away from all sodas, junk and processed food. Eat only for nutrition and not for taste. Once you eat healthy and do yoga, weight will take care of itself.

5. Yoga practice will make it more easier for you to adopt yogic lifestyle. The main pillars of yogic lifestyle are:
~ healthy eating
~ meditation
~ love everybody (means do not hate anybody)
~ emotional control (do not get disturbed by circumstances)
~ improve ourselves first before finding fault with others
~ action is more important than words or thoughts
(start doing yoga regularly and also do well in your job/ work)
~ strong determination

6. You have to start with a regular yoga practice and everything else should fall into place.

7. For better perspective on yoga and lifestyle to adopt, read these books
"Light on Life" By BKS Iyengar
"Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success" By Deepak Chopra

All the best. We will be eager to know about your progress with yoga. You can share your progress with yoga through comments link on this page.



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Feb 28, 2012
Thank you
by: Nancy

Thank you very much for these tips. I have been researching and finally am ready to do. I am going to use this advise and see where I can get. Apprciate your time for the feedback :)

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