My Journey Back To Health

by Natasha Gabriella Ramsaran
(Trinidad west Indies)

Natasha Ramsaran

Natasha Ramsaran

My name is Natasha Gabriella Ramsaran. My experience of Chronic illness began in August 1999 when I awoke with cold symptoms, excessive mucus, diarrhea, body pains and breathing problems. It was followed by severe tightness in chest, all types of infections, digestive problems, depression, food allergies and anxiety attacks. My weight went from 106 lbs to 69 lbs in a short space of time. I sat to sleep for many years which resulted in Spondylysis. I was constantly rushed to the hospital several times for a day for oxygen and Nebuliser because breathing was difficult. What I thought was just a common cold ended up in years of suffering and pain.

I went to many medical doctors but no one could find my cure. Eventually after years of testing and wrong diagnosis I ventured down the path of Natural medicine and Holistic health where diet and lifestyle changes were made together with building my spiritual life as well as starting Yoga which really impacted my life in a very positive way. Yoga has enhanced my lung capacity in such a marvelous way that I have overcome my respiratory challenge. I no longer have to be rushed to a hospital again. I am 90% better than I used to be with just few symptoms. Yoga has really strengthened my immune system and digestive health and I am proud to say that the Asanas and Pranayama have helped immensely to change my life of doom and gloom. My illness surfaced because of years of repressed internalised stress and the Yoga Asanas has really helped me come along way with emotional stability.

Although I still have room for improvement, I will continue my practice because my life now is more focused and complete. And I am a Holistic Consultant and a certified Colon Hydrotherapist and I am introducing my clients to this holistic approach.

I thank My Lord Jesus for healing me and opening my eyes to this holistic Approach!

Natasha Gabriella Ramsaran

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Jun 26, 2012
Does Yoga Enhances your SexLife?
by: Natasha ramsaran

Hi Crystal Jumadeen

Thank you so much. Your question is Can yoga improve your sexlife? I can say that yoga can amazingly improve your sexlife on two levels:Mental and Physical.

Mental benefits-If you are tired and stressed, practicing yoga consistently is proven to reduce stress and like any other form of exercise will give you increased energy.Allowing a more fulfilling sexlife.It also helps you feel good about your self and allow you to feel more comfortable with your body.It not only brings awareness to your body but also makes you more tuned in with your body and how it works.Boosting your self confidence,self esteem etc.

Physical aspect-It also helps you to develop strength and muscle tone so your body looks better and feels better.It also increases your sensitivity,control and flexibility which will enhance your sex life.With increased flexility you can be more creative and adventurous in your moments of intimacy with your partner.

Also a Particular breathing technique Mula bandha(rootlock) which is drawing in and up of the pelvic floor much like a kegel exercise has tremendous benefits with sexual function as well as strengthing these muscles in this area. Mula Bandha improves arousal and blood flow through the reproductive organs. Great for both men/women. It amazingly enhances women's libido and for men it helps prevent or address premature ejaculation. I would like to add that I am a Holistic Consultant and I do Live Blood Analysis.After this process according to each individual unique situation I then suggest cleansing and detoxification using natural medicine. I also guide each client on diet and lifestyle changes. Crystal, I strongly believe that once an individual changes their diet and lifestyle to healthy living their sex life will also remarkably be transformed.

You can find me on facebook-natasha.ramsaran.3

Thank you again and God bless.

Natasha Ramsaran

Jun 11, 2012
Does Yoga Help?
by: crystal jumadeen

Hey Natasha, I am very impressed by your story. My question for you is did yoga and holistic treatment help even with sex life? The reason I am asking is because someone mentioned to me that yoga has a lot to do with our sexual performance as women. If it helps, I would love to enroll in a yoga program with you and learn more about holistic treatments..Thanks and God Bless..

Apr 12, 2011
great job
by: Rajshekar

Hi Natasha,

Very inspirational and great job keep going....

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