Repetitions of Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

by Bushra Khan

I have seen your yoga for weight loss videos. Please tell me how many times a day I have to repeat.
Leg Cycling Pose
Leg Rotation Pose
Leg Rolling Pose
Sarp Asana

And shall I do the yoga together or give interval between each of them. When should I eat before and after the yoga.


These exercises for weight loss are good but these have to be done along with other yoga asanas to get benefit. These exercises tone up the muscles and build their strength. Along with these exercises you have to control your diet, eat less calories than you spend.

You have to integrate these yoga exercises for weight loss in your daily yoga routine. How much of repetitions and how much time in a day you want to do these exercises will depend on your health and fitness levels.

How many times in a day? Once a day is enough. However, if you are physically fit and have enough time, you can do twice a day. I will recommend doing these exercises once a day as part of yoga routine. Do it regularly for at least a month or two to get appreciable results. Being regular is more important than trying to do more of these in a single day.

How to integrate in your daily routine?
Leg cycling, leg rotation, leg rolling poses can be done after completing other supine yoga poses. Sarp Asana rolling can be done after completing other supine poses.

How many repetitions?
~ Leg Cycling Pose. Do 30 to 40 cyclic movements, and repeat once or twice.
~ Leg Rotation Pose. 5 times with each leg and then with both legs together. Repeat once or twice.
~ Leg Rolling Pose. 5 times in each direction. Repeat once or twice.
~ Sarp Asana. Do rolling 30-40 times. Repeat once or twice.

A person with very good fitness can do much more than the repetitions suggested here. For a beginner, it is advisable to start with few repetitions and then increase the number of repetitions as the strength increases. In the beginning, whenever you feel tired take rest in shavasana. With enough practice you can increase the number of movements in a given step and also the number of repetitions.Though there is no upper limit as such but stop whenever you feel tired or muscles pain.

You can read about what to eat before and after yoga by clicking the link below
When to eat after and before yoga

Hope it helps


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Oct 28, 2013
Yoga for weight loss
by: Anonymous

This was an useful article. Indeed, there is no need to over-do things. If one could disciple oneself to do yoga once a day, it would certainly help towards weight loss

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