Is Raw Vegan Diet Optimal For Yoga And Health?

by Shawn

For the past month, I have been extensively studying vegan diet. I have been a vegan for a month and a half and I feel better than before. I even feel better than when I was a vegetarian. Here are some knowledge I have gained that I will share with you and ask questions. I accept all comments.

1. Isn't cow's milk unnatural, unhealthy, and against nature's and god's law?

We are the only species on the planet that consumes milk from another species. The cow's milk is only meant for it's calf until it reaches 2 months old. We are only meant to drink our mothers breast milk until we reach 2 years old. The largest consumers of milk is North America, and the country with the largest rate of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis is North America. By North America I mean Canada and the US. 90% of all milk today is commercially grown, where cow's are fed unnatural grainy diets, cows are natural grass grazers. Milk is poison to humans because it is not natural for us to consume other species' milk meant for her baby calf. So, what would you think about this?

2. Nuts should be limitly consumed because for humans they are slightly acidic and can produce toxins.

3. Fruits are one of the most healthiest foods for humans. This is because we are natural frugivores.

4. Meats are acidic and unhealthy for humans, consuming cause many diseases and illnesses.

5. Some vegetables are very healthy for humans, but some are not healthy. Unhealthy vegetables are very starchy and are hard for us to digest them with ease.

So what I am mainly saying is that, shouldn't you exclude milk in your website?

Please do some research on the truth about cow`s milk because it is something I believe is important for many to know. A great site is which tells the truth about dairy and how unhealthy and unnatural it is for us.

Thank you,


Thanks Shawn for sharing your ideas on vegan diet and milk. Vegan and Raw diet is ideal food for yoga practice. As we purify our mind and body by yoga practice, simple raw-vegan food will prevent overloading of our stomach and at the same time provides better nutrition. Our body has to work extra to flush out the toxins produced by non-veg or tamasik type of food.

1. Cow's milk may not be vegan, but I feel it is not unnatural:

~ If we feed
the animal properly and take care of the animal.
~ If we are not greedy and do not deprive the calf of rightful share of mother's milk.

It is not a question of how much milk we drink but how the milk is transported, processed and consumed. There can be other reasons also for lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

2. Ancient yogis considered cow's milk as a sattvic food. Sattvic diet is based on sattva guna i.e purity and this diet consist of easily digestible food which provide maximum nutrition. Most of the yogis sustained themselves on diet of fresh milk (if available), nuts and fruits. As their digestive system and metabolism was perfect, they consumed most of the things raw and needed very less food to maintain good health.

3. What is sattvic milk? Milk produced by healthy cows and taken raw can be considered as sattvik.

4. Ancient Yogis had excellent digestion and immunity. They preferred to drink raw milk practically straight from the udder, withing minutes of being milked out. Raw milk is the most nutritious milk compared to boiled milk as some of the enzymes and vitamins get lost during boiling. Hoewever, most of us cannot drink this milk as we may not have the necessary immunity to get away from pathogens available in raw milk.

5. The pasteurised milk we get in stores is not the same milk which was considered as staple food by the ancient yogis and rishis. There may not be much wrong with the milk itself but the way it is transported, processed and marketed. For example, exposure to sunlight will wipe out the Vitamin-D available in the milk.

6. Before the advent of modernisation, cattle used to graze on grasslands. Therefore, healthy cows produced milk of high quality. Now cows are subjected to grainy diets, anti-biotics and harmones thereby effecting the quality of milk.

7. Should you drink milk? If milk and dairy products suit your stomach or if you are a keen milk drinker, there is no harm in taking a glass of milk in a day or consumption of cheese or other dairy products. Milk can still be considered as a complete food as it contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, most of the vitamins and other minerals considered mandatory for good health. Milk improves strength and improves circulatory system. It is specially required for toddlers, growing children and expectant and nursing mothers.


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