Yoga For Obesity

Yoga for obesity involves treating obesity with yogic methods involving a balanced/ nutritious diet and practicing yoga asanas/ poses. Yoga poses work on endocrine glands, improve blood circulation and improve body's metabolism. Asanas strengthens the muscles, deep breathing while doing yoga reduces body fat for bringing body weight to optimal levels.

It does not cost a penny to reduce weight through yoga. There are no side effects. Weight loss is accompanied by proper conditioning of body. You will loose weight and feel better also as yoga rejuvenates the body.

Yoga practice will reduce weight gradually in a permanent manner. Once you reduce weight, another challenge is to maintain it. One way is to reduce  your weight is just by reducing your calorie intake following proper diet control. However, for maintaining ideal body weight well into old age, regular practice of yoga along with balanced diet is recommended.

While doing yoga for weight loss, do not use any weight loss pills or crash dieting. Efforts to reduce weight fast will not prove effective as weight thus lost will come back soon. Proceed gradually but be regular. If your body is not flexible enough, do not over exert as it may result in injury.

Yoga For Overweight People

If you are slightly overweight and physically active you can do more number of asanas with more repetitions and you can expect results faster.

Yoga For Obese People

Obese persons will not be able to do more number of asanas. You have to be more patient before you can feel appreciable effect on your body. It is recommended to start with few asanas that you can do comfortable and then increase the no of asanas and their repetitions gradually. It will not be possible to do all types of asanas at the initial stage. Starting yoga with few simple asanas can also produce remarkable effect on your body conditioning and weight loss.

Depending on your health and flexibility, you can choose any of the following asanas for weight loss. These are easy asanas that are recommended for beginners. Practice of all these asanas will have a cumulative effect of reducing fat especially from abdomen and reduce waistline. Regular practice will make your body proportionate with ideal body weight.

Yoga For Obesity: Effective Asanas

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