Sarp Asana (Snake Pose)

Sarp Asana is based on the movements of snake. This asana will make you active and helps to reduce body fat. Remember these yoga tips before starting yoga asanas.


Lie in prone position. Clasp both your hands at the back. Stretch both the legs, keeping them straight (no bending of legs at knees). Keep the heels and toes together. Keep toes flat on the floor with soles pointing upwards.


  • Inhale. Lift your legs and head/chest, resting your body mainly on your abdomen. While holding your breath keep the head and legs raised, roll your body to left and right.
  • When you need to breathe roll to either side take breath and resume rolling. Do not take breath while resting on your abdomen.
  • Initially do 10 to 15 rolls (once left once right). Gradually increase to 30 to 50 rolls.
  • Exhale and simultaneously lower the head/chest and legs down on the floor.
  • Rest in Bal Asana pose.


Do this asana 2 to 3 time daily. After 3 to 4 weeks of practice, this asana can be done both in morning and evening. Do more repetitions if you want to reduce weight faster. Asana Video


  • All the organs of abdomen get proper massage.
  • Strengthens chest and shouders.
  • This is one of ideal asana for weight loss.
  • Increases appetite and cures constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, diabetes, acidity and wind troubles.
  • Makes spine more flexible, cures slip disk, cervical and back pain.
  • Strengthens legs, lungs and heart.


While lifting your legs, do not bend at knees.

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