Konasana provides cure for Arthritis and Inflammation of Joints


Konasana exercises the lungs and help in curing arthritis.



  • Stand on your yoga mat.

  • Legs should be spaced two to three feet apart so that legs are widely spaced than the shoulders.

  • Hands hang loosely on either side. Legs should be firm and tight. Keep back and neck straight, look in front.


  • While inhaling, from the shoulders, raise both the hands. Bring both the hands in a straight line. Palms should face downward. Bring both the hands parallel to ground.

  • Keep your legs and arms straight (no bending).

  • Now start exhaling and simultaneously gradually touch your left foot with right hand while the left hand and arm are stretched and pointed upwards.

  • Now inhale and gradually come back to starting position.

  • Now start exhaling and simultaneously touch your right foot with left hand while right arm and hand are stretched and pointed upwards.

  • If your body is not flexible, try to bend your body as long as you are comfortable. Do not strain your body.


  • Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times.


  • Burns fat in the abdomen area.

  • Exercises the lungs.

  • Good for regulating the menstrual cycle.

  • Helps to reduce acidity.

  • Helpful in fighting arthritis and inflammation of joints.


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