Hyper Thyroid And Kapalbhati

by Usha

I started yoga in January for weight loss. I was doing Kapalbathi, Aouloma viloma Pranayama and other Asanas. I had started to loss weight. But but just last month I found out that I have Hyperthyroid. I never had thyroid problem before, no previous history of thyroid disease.

All I did was kapalabhati and drinking warm water with ginger in morning and with my 3 cup of tea in a day.

I was researching that Ujjayi pranayama and Kapalbathi and Anulom vilom Pranayama help in Hypothyroid.

So may be I am hyperthyroid because I was doing all pranayamas that initiate fire in body. Please help me.



1. Yoga practice can result in faster metabolism. However, yoga practice cannot change the functioning of thyroid glands so easily. Yoga practice as such normalises the functioning of endocrine glands. There are generally no side effects of yoga. Yoga practice cannot result in thyroid diseases.

2. I suggest strictly follow the advice of your doctor and take whatever medicine prescribed for your thyroid. Meanwhile learn and practice under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher to deepen your yoga practice.

3. You may consider toning down the practice of kapalabhati for time being. Also include alom vilom, chandrabhedi, bhramri and ujjayi pranayama in your pranayama practice.

4. Include following asanas in your yoga practice:
~ Sarvanghasana
~ Halasana
~ Dhanurasana

5. Do rhythmic breathing for few minutes after yoga practice and do omkar recitation for say 5 minutes.

6. At the end of your yoga practice, relax for 10 minutes in shavasana.

7. Adopt healthy yogic lifestyle:
~ Eat a healthy diet, eat freshly cooked food. Avoid canned and processed food.
~ Do yoga regularly.
~ Plan for adequate rest and relaxation.
~ Reducing stress levels is of utmost importance. Stress is most damaging to proper functioning of thyroid gland. Learn to relax at all times, ON and OFF the mat.

8. Just to give you an example from my own experience. I had developed hypertension and hypo thyroidism three years ago. With practice of yoga, I was able to stop my medication for hypertension. But I am not able to cure my thyroid. I am doing yoga for two hours six days a week which includes yoga asanas, pranayama (including kapalabhati) and meditation. However, doing yoga asanas and taking my medicine for thyroid helps me to overcome the typical symptoms of the disease and maintain my energy levels throughout the day.

9. Functioning of thyroid is too complex and lot of self discipline, diet control, adequate rest and determination is required to overcome thyroid disease with yoga. Yoga practice will strengthen your thyroid and will also help to eliminate the various reasons that may have triggered thyroid to become over active.

10. Also have a look at this informative article on calming an overactive thyroid.

Hope this helps.

With warm regards

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Mar 02, 2017
Thyroid fluctuations
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the answer. I practice yoga myself and enjoy it. But my thyroid levels fluctuate so much so that my tsh is 71 now. Please advice some yogasana and pranayam which can regulate the tsh levels am on thyrox 50 now.

Editors Note
Please let me know what yoga sequence you practice and more details about your health through contact us form. You need to do yoga regularly including asanas, pranayama and meditation.

Warm regards

Jan 10, 2017
Yoga and hormones
by: Anonymous

Can yoga give adverse effects on hormones,in such that their functions change to abnormal?

Editors Note
Yoga practice will balance the hormones to normal level.

Warm regards

Jul 28, 2012
Hyper Thyroid
by: Rajender Pal

Sir Can Hyper Thyroid be cured permanently with the help of Yoga.

Editors Note
Getting cure from thyroid related diseases is bit difficult but it is possible to get cured if you practice yoga regularly for a long time and take care of diet and reduce stress in your life.

Learn yoga and meditation under the guidance of a yoga teacher and deepen your practice gradually.

Hope it helps

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