Yoga Healing Tips

We will provide here practical yoga healing tips in case you are thinking of  using yoga as therapy. Many people with various levels of yoga expertise want to try out yoga as therapy.

Are you prepared to adopt yoga as a therapy?

 Based on most frequent queries of yoga learners, we bring out here essential things to be kept in mind for adopting yoga as therapy.

Holistic Approach to Health

Yoga healing is very effective but cannot be fruitful unless holistic approach is applied. Healing with yoga require that you take care of your diet, lifestyle, emotions, exercise and yoga practices in an integrated manner. All these factors are interdependent and ignoring any of these will not help in healing. You need to adopt yoga as a way of life so that the health issue is completely cured.

A qualified yoga therapist need to  take your case history and suggest the best possible approach for healing. For curing a particular disease, yoga therapist can suggest a balanced yoga sequence clearly avoiding the asanas or pranayama that are contra indicated for a given condition.

"The drugs do not cure the disease, yoga on the other hand, uses no external drugs to accelerate the process. You have to depend on your own nature, and through nature alone enable the human system to function as rapidly and as effectively as it can."   BKS Iyengar

Customised Approach For Each Individual

Yoga therapy needs to be customised to each individual depending on previous yoga experience, strength, flexibility, stress levels and medical diagnosis.  The health condition of each individual is unique and need to be addressed in that manner.  Any yoga asanas or pranayama cannot be prescribed like a doctors diagnosis for any health issue.

Trying on Your Own

Trying to experiment with yoga as therapy on your own without previous experience of yoga  can  be counter productive.  You may not be  aware of the correct approach, what all precautions need to be observed while doing yoga asanas and pranayama.

Can a Single Pose or Pranayama be Enough?

You may come across the concept that  doing a particular yoga asana  or pranayama can help to cure a particular ailment. This will not be effective as healing takes place when all organs of body work in complete harmony.


No therapy can heal you unless you take that leap of faith and start believing fully that you can be healed. Do have full faith in yourself and God. Be always aware of your feelings and avoid negative thoughts. A yoga therapist shows you the way, but healing actually  depends on how seriously  you follow that path.


Some people expect quick results with yoga as in the case of allopathy. Using yoga healing as therapy is a long term affair.  You are supposed to be doing yoga for with enthusiasm and be fully committed. Be patient as there are no short cuts. Aim for gradual improvement over a period of three to six months of regular practice.

Prepare Your Body For Healing

Aim is to bring your body to a state of balance whereby all organs are toned and various body systems start working in harmony.  Healing starts when the body reaches a state of balance. When perfect harmony and balance is achieved the disease goes away. 

Daily Yoga Practice

Developing a daily yoga practice lays the foundation of yoga therapy. Your daily practice will make you disciplined and give you a sense of purpose to reclaim your health.  You need to be regular for 2-3 weeks, after that you will start experiencing a feeling of well being and peace each day which you may not like to miss.

Self Discipline

Disciplined life and balance in life are essential. First discipline your body, then only can you discipline your mind. Take care of your diet timings, sleep and wake up at fixed timings. Sleep early and get up early. Eat dinner two hours before sleeping so that stomach is relaxed and you get deep sleep.


Eat a healthy and nutritious diet. As digestive process also consumes energy, eat food which is easy to digest thus directing  valuable energy for healing of body.

New to Yoga?

In case you are new to yoga, you need to first learn the basics of yoga and start with a basic yoga practice. Avoid  asanas or pranayama that are difficult or contraindicated for your particular health condition.  Gradually your body will become flexible and health will improve.  Once  fitness levels are improved after a month or so, then put additional effort for any specific asanas that may help you  to overcome a given condition.


 For healing to take place, you may need to get over our samskaras or our mental conditioning, which define the way we act or think a particular way. Certain habits may need to be changed. With yoga practice will come the power of discrimination and  awareness so that you act with  a clear mind  and avoid the actions that lead to disease or poor health.

Weight or Fitness

Most of  people are excessively bothered about their body weight.  Initially do not bother about your weight, put more focus on fitness, exercise and eating healthy. As you continue with yoga practice  and disciplined eating, weight will always take of itself.


Be always aware of your body and emotions. Listen to your body and you will come to know of what it wants and whether you are making the correct moves with yoga therapy. Similarly keep a watch on your emotions so that you are not carried away by any external event triggering an emotional response.

Doctors Diagnosis

Before attempting yoga therapy get a clear diagnosis from your doctor. In some of the cases like thyroid diseases, heart conditions or hypertension it is essential to take medicines. Additionally, you may take up cure through alternative therapies also.

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