Doubts About Yoga

by Damini

Hello. I am 42 years old women with hypothyroidism since 2 years on medication. From few years my motion is always incomplete but I try to pass everyday. I wake up and immediately drink 2 glasses of warm water, then brush but can't pass motion. If I want to do yoga is it ok to do yoga without passing motion?

And what is the order of surya namaskar, asanas & pranayam one should practise?



Hello Damini

For patients suffering from hypothyroidism, digestive system problems are major irritants and constipation is quite common.

1. As long as you do not have chronic constipation, you can do yoga even if you are not able to pass motion.

2. Simultaneously keep up your efforts to cure your constipation. Eat at fixed meal timings. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy food which is easily digestible so that the digestive system is not over loaded. You need to experiment with fruits or diet that relieves your constipation. You can try eating Bael fruit/Murraba, Guava,Apple, Papaya, Spinach and other green leafy vegetables. Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks, all processed food, pickle and spicy food.

3. You can first practice surya namaskar followed by other asanas and pranayama.

4. You can also read more about yoga for constipation

Hope this helps

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