Can 60 Years Old Woman Do Yoga Daily?

by Jebun Nesa Shaon
(Chittagong, Bangladesh)

A woman of 60 is interested to do yoga. She is fat, is she fit for yoga on daily basis?


1. From your question, it is understood that a woman of 60 years who has not done yoga wants to start doing yoga. Yoga can be done by anybody, but yoga practice has to be tailored according to the following:
~ Fitness levels
~ Health condition
~ Flexibility
~ Age

2. Start with a basic yoga sequence of yoga asanas and pranayama. Simultaneously use yoga as an aid to reduce weight too. Yoga can improve your body metabolism, improve your body strength, give you mental peace. But initially you have to make efforts to do additional exercises to burn calories. Do lot of yoga and lot of walking to reduce weight.

3. It is also understood that you have to modify your eating habits to eat as per yogic diet so as to eat only healthy nutritious food.

4. I suggest you learn yoga from a experienced yoga teacher who can design a yoga sequence as per your flexibility and strength.

5. Be patient with yoga practice and do not try to attempt beyond your body's capacity. As it is often said, try to listen to your body and nothing will go wrong with your yoga practice.

6. You may take a day off and do yoga six days a week. Any time you feel too tired or experience muscular pains, rest for a day to help your body recover on its own.

7. You can read this inspiring story about yoga at 60 years.
Yoga at 60 years

Hope this helps.


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