Yoga Schedule When Working In Shift Duty

by M.Sohail Akram


I want to start yoga but I work in shifts. Morning from 0720 to 1520hr, evening from 1320 to 2020 hr and night from 2220 hrs to 0720 hrs on rotation basis. I want to know how to adjust my time as my shift changes frequently almost after every three days.

Secondly, can you provide me some videos for beginning yoga.

Thanks and best regards
M.Sohail Akram


Hello Sohail

You have to set up your yoga routine depending on the time available to you. Just ensure that you are not too much tired at the time of doing yoga.

If you have to do yoga after work, you must not be too tired. In that case, rest for half an hour before doing yoga.

Also, when you are doing yoga, you should not be hungry. In case you feel you will be too much hungry by the time of doing yoga, have a fruit or a cup of tea up to half an hour before doing yoga.

If you can rise early at say 5 AM, then you can do yoga early in the morning when you are working in morning and afternoon shift. Early morning is the best time to do yoga.

When you are on night shift, it will not be possible to do yoga in the morning the day after your night shift as you must be too tired by that time.

On the days you are on night duty, it will be ideal to do your yoga practice in the evening. Just ensure that you do not eat anything 3 hours prior to doing yoga.

I am planning to put some videos on the site shortly.

Hope this helps

Warm regards

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