Yoga Is Something To Experience

by Bhoomika
(Bangalore, India)

For me, you cannot explain the benefits of yoga. Yoga is something to experience. When I was in class 10th, I had fever. It was a normal fever or brain fever I still don't know. I was very particular about my studies.During fever I suddenly experienced that I am not grasping concepts fast as before. I was very sensitive and got depression. I am totally unaware of the thoughts coming to my mind.

I took allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic treatments, but didn't get 100% benefit. Yoga was my final hope. I did yoga practice for 1 year and then did 8 months diploma in yoga.

I experienced drastic change in myself. I regained my confidence. I understood that Simplicity and Love can change your life. After doing pranayam and Omkar chanting, you will experience immense peace and calmness around you. You will feel that you are on your own. While practicing yoga, I found many physical changes in my body. My constipation problem has been solved. My face started glowing. I am very prone to cold and cough. While practicing yoga, I didn't have cold, cough and fever the entire year.

I advice you to do yoga every day without any break and when you are not well, take proper rest..Please don't force yourself too much for any work, how much important it is.

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