Yoga For Nasal Polyps And Sinus Trouble

by Amudhan

I am suffering with severe sinus and my entire respiratory system is clogged with phlegm and I am having nasal polyps in my left nostril will it be a good idea for me to start practicing pranayama with all these problems

If you cannot breathe easily and your nasal passages are blocked in any way, it is advisable not to start pranayama till your blockages are cleared. Breathing must not be forced. For pranayama practice flow through your nostrils must be unobstructive.

Consult with an ENT doctor, get treatment for your nasal problems and then start pranayama to keep your nasal passages clear.

Jal neti can also be effective to keep your nasal passages clear but you have to learn from an expert.

Even without any problem with sinus or nasal polyps, one of the nostrils may not be fully clear. If your left nostril is blocked, lie on your right side for a few minutes. Lie on your left side if your right nostril is blocked.

Read more about Jal neti and polyps

Hope this helps

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