Yoga At 67 Years

by Lily Jaco
(New Delhi)

I am 67 years plus and at present all alone, living in my own flat in an apartment where majority are retired school colleagues. My husband had a stroke in 2005 and after all the suffering was no more in 2008. Our three daughters are married and out of station,but call/send mails. I am fortunate to have enjoyed the company of four grandchildren. I have a choice to stay with anyone now. Now I have all the time for just myself. I am a fan of AOL to and yoga. From 2005 to 2008 the doctor advised me to take Alprax, so that I could get some sleep.

But now, while lying I do some leg and knee exersises and count breathing and I don't know when I go off to sleep!!! I watch yoga and prayag programmes too.



Hello Lily

It is great to know that you have adopted yoga and it has helped you to get natural sound sleep without medicines. Yoga practice started even at age around 40 years can ensure that you can lead healthy and active life as you grow old. Control of breathing and meditation are particularly effective in old age.

Here is an interesting article how a woman lost weight by strong will and changed her health. Shedding Pounds Saved One Woman's Life.

All the best.

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Jul 30, 2010
Yoga Diet and Pranayama
by: Lily Jacob

Only yesterday I started and I am already feeling some change. I have pain on left side back and knee joints.


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