Timely Help for Health Issues

by V B M Sharma

I got in touch with you precisely sometime during the 3rd week of January 2017.

I had quite a few health and emotional issues, namely tiredness, high BP, sleeplessness, pain in the groins due to suspected hernia and recurring cold and cough problem. I enrolled myself with your free course and sought help to overcome my health issues. Your action was so prompt and quick by giving the right directions to me for restarting my Yoga practice. You put me back on the pedestal. Your guidance has been so precise and to the point which helped me in restarting yoga and pranayama regularly. Initially I had problem with yoga and you guided me from time to time how to go about it methodically. This helped me in overcoming the problems slowly and gradually. Now with your help and Divine grace, I have been recovering from the health issues gradually.

I will be failing in my duties if I do not acknowledge your help for co-ordinating the valuable EFT sessions not once but at least on 3 to 4 occasions. EFT in particular has helped me in overcoming the emotional issues and disturbed sleep which were bothering me for sometime.

I wholeheartedly acknowledge and appreciate your guidance and help. I wish you all the best and Pray to God to give you all the required Divine guidance and Support.

I once again Thank You,

VBM Sharma

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