Suryanamaskar Practice And Back Pain

by Gopal Ghosh

Can I do suryanamaskar as I am having back pain?

I am a 63 years old man and my weight is 56 kg. I am suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and knee pain. I am doing following asanas:

1) Bhujangasana.
2) Shalabhasana.
3) Dhanurasana.
4) Gomuhkasana.
5) Ardhamatsendrasana.
6) Deep Breathing(Pranayam)


With these health problems, it is recommended not to do suryanamaskar and instead focus on asanas that do not cause any further discomfort and pranayama.

Do gentle yoga asanas avoiding any forward bending asana and asanas affecting the neck and knees. Do more of warm up exercises at very slow pace before starting yoga practice. The movements while moving to the asana posture and while coming out of it must be very gradual.

Here are some points for your consideration:

1. For how long have you been doing yoga?

2. What is the time duration for which you practice these asanas?

3. Are you relaxing in shavasana at the end of the yoga practice?

4. Are you doing asanas with slow graceful movements?

5. Is your technique correct? Have you learned yoga from a teacher?

You need to visit an experienced yoga teacher for face to face interaction, who can recommend a yoga sequence based on the amount of restriction of your knees,shoulder and spine.

Also seek medical advice for your health issues for correct diagnosis, treatment and any remedial measures.

Hope this helps.

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Oct 21, 2014
Yoga for back,neck,shoulder & knee pain
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your prompt reply. I am practicing Yoga for years, but I am not getting expected result. I will be grateful if you send me a complete yoga chart including warm up exercise for my pain problem and weight gain. I can spare one hour time daily in the morning for yoga practice.

Gopal Ghosh

Editors Note
You can submit the answer to my earlier queries through free yoga consultation form. Please include the details if you are having any other health issues.

Warm regards

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