Sudden Pain In The Body

by Bhavna Jain
(Shivpuri , MP)

I sometime get sudden pain in my parts of body for few minutes any time, it usually shifts from one part to another. Since I have blood pressure, thyroid problem and also take medicine for these problems. I have one year baby after c section surgery and my age is 40.

So which pranayama is suitable for me?

Firstly you must consult your doctor so as to rule out any condition requiring medical attention. Sluggish thyroid can itself lead to fatigue and occasional muscle spasms.

These pains can also be due to build up of toxins or inflammation in the body. This may be attributable to a number of reasons like prolonged sedentary life style, lack of exercise, too much stress or unhealthy eating.

Yoga practice will help but you need to work on a multi pronged strategy:-
~ Reduce weight if you are overweight.
~ Start regular exercise which may include one hour of yoga practice and at least 30 minutes of walking daily. In yoga, you must do some easy asanas (avoid inverted poses) and pranayama like rhythmic breathing, anulom vilom, ujjayi, bhramri and chandrabhedi. At the end of practice do aum recitation for 11 rounds or 5-10 minutes, shavasana for five minutes and yoga nidra.
~ Eat healthy and immediately stop all junk and fast food including all bakery products, sweets, tea and coffee. Limit your fat and salt intake to negligible levels. Be careful of hidden fats and sugar in various processed food items. Eat more of fruits, salad and boiled vegetables. If possible get a customised diet plan from a dietician.
~ Stress, fears, worry and anxiety are the most common factors contributing to hypothyroidism and hypertension. So avoid these factors.

I suggest eat healthy, go for long walks, do yoga and meditation and try to be cheerful all the time.

In case you have further queries do contact me.

Best wishes.

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