Mind Problems and High Blood Pressure

Our thinking affect our mind. When we think we have accomplished our targets then we are happy, otherwise, we feel depressed. It is very easy to change your mind to cut off wrong thought and do some creative work which will help you to overcome mind problem.

I am 38 years old and was diagnosed with high BP problem 6 month back which was very shocking for me because I am very health conscious lady. But some family disturbances did effect my mind and I also did not focus on meditation and yoga but concentrated on my weight gain.

I daily went to gym for weight management but ignored the mind aspect. Then I realised that all problem has root cause which is your mind. Then I concentrated on yoga and different techniques of meditation which helped me to get rid of this BP problem.

Editors Note

Thanks for sharing your experience. Your experience shows that strong self belief, disciplined yoga practice can help us to cure high blood pressure.

Yes it is correct that leading a stressful life can lead to so many problems including high blood pressure. Therefore, it is essential for people having high blood pressure to reduce their stress levels by doing yoga and meditation. Also, it is advisable to take care of the diet and increase the quantum of daily exercise to reduce weight which is a sort of precondition to get rid of high blood pressure.

Thanks once again for sharing your inspiring story. Our reader will get benefited if you can also share the yoga sequence which helped you.

Stay fit and stay focused.

Warm regards

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