by Maya
(Delhi, India)

I have been doing Kapalbhati for some time now and have also been advocating to others to ensure good health and fitness. But of late, I have been coming across articles which talks about the negative impact of Kapalabhati in the body. It is a bit confusing as to whom to believe and whom to follow.

Therefore I would request you to please share your thoughts and views on practicing of Kapalbhati everyday on a regular basis.
I would be extremely thankful to you for receiving your prompt and clear response.

Thanks a lot.

1. There is no restriction on doing kapalabhati if your technique is correct and you are in perfect health. Only condition is do not be in a hurry to increase the number of exhalations. Increase the duration of kapalabhati gradually over a period of time.

2. Pranayama should be practiced after getting proficiency in yoga poses or asanas. As pranayama practice releases lot of energy, our body must be capable of channeling this energy within our body.

3. Therefore, it is not recommended to do kapalabhati alone without doing any other asanas or pranayama. You must do variety of yoga poses and yoga breathing to achieve physical and fitness levels do kapalabhati pranayama without any side effects.

4. If you are physically fit and doing yoga and pranayama daily, kapalabhati pranayama can be done daily. Duration of kapalabhati pranayama should be as per your body's fitness levels.

Hope this helps.

With warm regards

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Apr 11, 2016
great post
by: Mamta Balani

Hi, I m doing yoga and kapalbhati is one of the main yoga I do. We have to do it carefully and in proper manner to get its benefits.

Sep 11, 2015
Kapalbhati is not that easy as it looks like.....
by: Shaksham

Dear Sir

Please guide me regarding the basics of kapalbhati. I am doing all the pranayama, but specifically in kapalbhati i really do have some issue and some doubt.
1. In kapalbhati, do we require to throw our air, which is present in our stomach, or from lungs.
2. The movement of our stomach is of its own, when we throw air right?

Editors Note
In kapalabhati, we throw air from the lungs and movement of the stomach is a part of the movement. Main focus is forced exhalation. In case your query is not resolved, you can contact me.

Warm regards

Mar 31, 2015
Please suggest some yoga tips
by: Amit Gupta

Dear Sir,

I have problem in my back pain and neck (cervical pain). Now last one year recovered by medicine. Now I am fit and fine. But I want to become fully fit. I have gained weight. I want to reduce my fat. Would you please suggest me? Will kapalbhati exercise effect my abdominal fat?

Amit Gupta

Editors Note
You need to lose weight by controlling your diet and regular exercise. Doing only kapalabhati pranayama only for losing weight is not recommended.

Hope it helps

Sep 19, 2014
After Effects Of Yoga
by: Anonymous

I have been practising yogic asans, sukshma vyayam (warming up) and pranayam for the last two years. I am 65 years old.

The sequence followed is sukshma vyayam, Asanas (arms and shoulders), asanas like bhujangasana etc for abdomen and neck strengthening asanas/excercises, Bhastrika(15 Times)(5 times)-Chandra bhedi/ Surya bhedi pranayam, Kapalabhati, Anulom-Vilom(20 minutes), Bhramri-Udgeet and shavasana. The benefits were immense till now.
Two days back I developed sudden spurt in BP from 130-90 to 150-100 with severe dizziness in head.
I have stopped the yoga till I get better with medicines.

Please let me know if it has happened due to any of the above yogasanas/exercises.

Editors Note

Since you are doing pranayama and yoga for last two years and benefited too, your yoga practice seems to be satisfactory. Only issues to take care are
~ Pranayama is done in a rhythmic manner with smooth inhalation/exhalation
~ There is no retention of breath
~ You are not doing too much of kapalabhati
~ There is no intake of high fat diet
~ There is no undue stress in life
~ There is no lack of sleep

You may consult your doctor and stop asana and pranayama practice for a week and again check the blood pressure. Meanwhile, you can practice shavasana and yoga nidra for relaxation.

Hope this helps. Please do share your progress.


Aug 27, 2014
Solution for negative impact of kapalabhati
by: Anonymous

Hi Daljit,

Thank you so much for your reply and advice. Even after facing the negative like not able to concentrate, I did Pranayama for 5 days but I was unaware that this is due to the Kapalbhati and later when I discover then I stopped.

Now it's been 4 days that I have stopped all Pranayama. I will follow your advice and do accordingly, but I would like to know that Rhythmic breathing is as good as Bhastrika, so would that be ok to do for me? I am worried as I want to return back to normal.

Thanks once again,

Editors Note

It is good to know that you have analysed correctly. You must progress at a steady pace and so not rush things. First practice for complete relaxation as advised. All yoga poses have certain benefits even though it may look very simple.

All the best

Aug 23, 2014
Solution for negative impact of kapalabhati
by: Anonymous

I have been doing pranayama. From last month due to job timings, I did pranayama between 11 A.M to 12 P.M, bhastrika, kapalbhati 10 mins and anulom vilom 10 mins, bhramari 5 times.

I know I made mistake in timings of doing it but now I think I am facing negative impact of it. My vision becomes poor and I think this is due to pitta imbalance and body heat increase as I know kapalbhati increases the body heat. Please suggest, I am very tense now.

Editors Note

1. Pranayama practice is to be done only after you have become comfortable with yoga poses. Pranayama practice may produce negative side effects if your fitness is not proper or technique is incorrect. Doing too much of kapalabhati as a beginner without sufficient asanas practice is not advisable.

2. I suggest discontinue all yoga asanas or pranayama for 2 weeks. Just practice rhythmic breathing (5 to 10 minutes), shavasana (5 to 10 minutes) and yoga nidra.

3. Thereafter if you feel better, start with a simple yoga sequence under guidance of a yoga teacher.

4. Please let us know of your progress.

Hope it helps

Jul 04, 2011
Answer on the question of 'can kapalabhati be practiced everyday'
by: Shankar Warrier

I perfectly agree with the answer provided. Kapalabhati should not be done alone on a regular basis. This should be done along with yogic exercises and pranayama. Doing kapalabhati only on a daily basis can give negative results.

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