I won't let you mess with my mind and body!!

by Mili

"Cancer” Can we just not talk about it? Yes it is such a deadly, frightening and sad word that some people doesn’t even want to discuss about it openly. In some places it is considered as a taboo. I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2014 and have gone through 5 operations and 16 Chemotherapy.

I was devastated when I first heard the unwanted word “Cancer”. Deadliest word that one can ever imagine. I was mentally ,physically and emotionally broke.

How can it happen to me? It’s impossible. It wasn’t easy at all for me to accept it.

I had no choice. I have to accept it. Now I believe cancer changed me to a complete different person. A person who is mentally, physically and emotionally strong and happy. A person who is not afraid of anything.

I learnt how positive attitude can change the worse to best. I learnt how a smile can change the world. I learnt how my mind can control my body.

I started practicing Yoga one year after my operation. It was not easy at all. But I tried and continued. I did not stop there. I applied for certification as a yoga instructor. Now I am an internationally certified Yoga teacher.

I decided, I won’t let cancer mess with my mind and body till I am alive. Then my Journey started and here I am.

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Jun 18, 2016
Thank you
by: Mili

Hello Daljit,
Thanks a lot and yr story is also very inspiring and good luck to you as well. Its a very informative website

Jun 18, 2016
Very inspiring
by: Juli Dutta

Very nicely written and very inspiring. Good luck..

Jun 17, 2016
by: Zeena

Inspiring.... its hard to fight in such situations and u have proved u r strong. Keep up the spirit and keep inspiring others...

Jun 17, 2016
Thanks Mili
by: Daljit

Hello Mili

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring story. I am sure your story will inspire a lot of people. I can understand the self confidence and determination required to overcome diseases like Cancer. Now you can inspire others..

Wishing you good health and happiness.

Warm regards

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