How Long Can We Do Pranayama?

by BD Mali
(Belgaum, India)

How long we can do pranayam? If we do for more time, is there any risk? Like one hour or two hour or three hour.

The amount of time you spend on pranayama will depend on your age, health and yoga practice. If you are in good health and you have graduated to pranayama under the guidance of a yoga teacher, then you will be aware of your limits and correct technique for each pranayama.

Deep rhythmic breathing and alom vilom are the pranayama everybody can do. You can increase the duration of these pranayama gradually and you can do each of these upto say 30 minutes. While doing pranayama anytime you feel tired or discomfort stop your pranayama practice and take rest.

For all other pranayama (for example kapalabhati and bhastrika) increase the duration cautiously.

In case you want to do pranayama for extended duration, it is recommended that:
~ First become experienced in yoga asanas in case you want to do pranayama for more time. Pranayama practice releases energy in our body and yoga asana practice clears all the blocked energy channels of our body.
~ Seek guidance of a yoga teacher.
~ Master the prefect pose for pranayama/ meditation i.e padmasana.
~ Do not push your body, in yoga it is not important that how much time we do pranayama but how best we do it is more important.

Hope this helps,

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