Head Spinning/ Dizzy Post Yoga Session

by Pallavi Sharma
(Delhi, India)


I am practicing yoga since a week watching online videos. Morning 6.30 A.M I practice deep stretching exercises for 20 minutes and evening I practice basic flexibility yoga like downward dog, chakrasana etc for 45 mins. I am 29 years of age, married, height 5'-3" and weight 52 kgs. I am not working right now and often suffer from troubled stomach but I feel better after doing yoga since I am familiar with the concept and practiced it during my teen years. The issue is since last 2 days I feel a little dizzy during and after my yoga session. As if I stand straight after lying down I feel dizzy. I read a lot about it and am kinda worried. Yoga I feel is supposed to heal not make sick. Kindly guide me?


If you are already familiar with the techniques, there should be no problem in doing yoga. However, it is difficult to comment unless your complete yoga sequence is known and which yoga pose causes dizziness. You have to consult a yoga teacher or a doctor before resuming your yoga practice.

There can be various reasons for dizziness:
~ Lack of proper sleep and exhausted body
~ Hypertension or any other medical condition
~ Holding of breath in a pose for long time
~ Low blood sugar, cervical spondylitis
~ During inverted poses
~ Dehydration

You must listen to your body and progress gradually with yoga practice. Respect your body's strength. Do slow movements and stay relaxed during the yoga poses.

Do easy and gentle yoga poses for a week or so and then gradually attempt difficult poses.

Do a long shavasana after the yoga class.

Hope it helps

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