Drinking Water Before Doing YOGA.

by Shubhangi Kaushik

Is it harmful to drink water before doing yoga poses?


Hello Shubhangi

If you feel thirsty you can drink a glass of water half an hour before starting yoga class. Strictly limit your water intake half an hour prior to yoga practice. If you still feel thirsty take few sips of water at room temperature (not cold water)before starting yoga.

It is also understood that before starting your yoga practice you should not be dehydrated or thirsty. For that matter keep drinking water throughout the day and do not rely on drinking one to two glasses of water just before the yoga class.

Before and after yoga practice, drinking of water at room temperature or luke warm water is preferable to cold water.

Yoga practice opens up energy channels of our body for smooth flow of prana. Drinking of water will interfere with this flow of vital energy in our body.

When you practice yoga your stomach should be empty, all food items should have moved along the digestive tract so that the stomach is empty. Although digestion of food items may take 3-4 hours for digestion, water can move faster through your digestive system. Therefore, any amount of water you drink should be clear of the stomach before starting yoga.

Preferably it is better to keep drinking water at regular intervals to keep the body hydrated. This way you can avoid drinking water just before yoga practice.

Hope this works.

Warm regards

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Yoga query
by: Khushboo

Your article is really helpful. I appreciate your honest guidelines.
I have a query since I drink 2 liters of luke warm water (with one spoon honey) early morning. So can I do yoga before drinking water? Can I drink water 30 minutes after yoga?

Editors Note

Hello Khushboo
You can do yoga before drinking water. You may drink lukewarm water 30 minutes after yoga. You can drink one or two glasses, or two liters if so advised.

Hope it helps

Is Green tea allowed before yoga?
by: Priyanka

Can we drink green tea before performing yoga?
Will it increase the benefits of yoga or will it be harmful in any way? Please advice as I wish to start doing yoga for weight loss.

Waiting for ur reply :-)

Editors Note

Dear Priyanka

You can drink green tea (without sugar and milk) before doing yoga. However I will like to add the following:

1. It is preferable to switch to any herbal tea or lime juice with warm water and honey.
2. Ideally, if one can manage, no drink is required before yoga. However, in winter season, a cup of green tea or herbal tea is always welcome, it can provide you with required warmth before starting yoga.

Hope it helps

You can go ahead with green tea before yoga if you like it.

I drink one liter water
by: Vipul

I drink one liter water daily morning for past 10 years. And over the period of time I have realized that it really helped me to stay healthy. Now I want to start Yoga in morning. So what to do?

Editors Note

You can continue drinking water. After drinking water, you need to wait at least 30 minutes before doing yoga. You can utilise this time for clearing the bowels, taking a bath etc.

Hope this helps

Thank You Daljeet
by: Shubhangi

It Helps.

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