Dried Fruit For Yoga

by Terra

Is dried fruit good for me and my practice? I eat fresh majority of the time, but I'm curious what would be the most effective mix as I strive for the clarity of mind I deserve. I also just recently got diagnosed with exercise induced asthma (I was told that more exercise will help me?) What should be the steps to take because I practice yoga but I'm still falling behind physically.

Fresh locally grown seasonal fruits is the best option. Fresh seasonal fruits are designed by nature to be most suitable for the local weather and geographical area.

However, if fresh fruit is not avaiable you can consider dried fruits such as dried figs, dates, cherries, currants or apricots. Dried fruits are available throughout the year and provides all the nutrients available in fresh fruit. However, you may have to watch out for excess sugar or any other preservative used in dried fruits.

A simple sattvic diet is recommended for yoga practice. Sattvic diet is unprocessed vegetarian food, free from preservatives, natural and easily digestible. You must also take into consideration the foods which perfectly suit your taste and digestion.

Sattvic foods comprise of whole grains, raw food, fruits, dried fruits, honey, milk, ghee(clarified butter) boiled or raw vegetables, fresh green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit juices, sprouts and nuts.

It is not clear from your question as to how you are falling behind in your yoga practice? If diet is pulling you down, just try to eat predominantly raw and whole grain food for a week and feel the difference. Also include milk, nuts and lot of fresh fruits and vegetables (boiled or raw).

If you want to discuss further please submit your question with more details.


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