Does Yoga Cure Diabetes and Hypertension?

by Sundar Rajan

Does yoga cure diabeties and hypertension. How does it work? How long it takes to see the difference? What is the recommended duration of yoga practice. For example they say brisk walking for 30 minutes everyday will keep you healthy. I think Yoga is the best option for exercising the body and mind.

How how much time we need to dedicate for yoga in mimimum or can we do as long as we can.


1. Yes, yoga practice can cure diabetes and hypertension. If somebody is suffering from both diabetes and hypertension, for best results it is recommended to learn yoga from a teacher. For best results you have to focus on the following:
~ Asanas
~ Pranayama
~ Vegetarian sattvic diet
~ Proper rest and relaxation
~ Meditation

2. Effect of yoga practice can differ from person to person depending on your age and health. Self discipline is must, be regular in yoga practice and observe moderation in diet.

3. How yoga helps? Yoga will help you to reduce your weight, get emotions under control, take away negative energy from the body. Asanas and pranayama will strengthen your body, improve blood circulation, provide exercise for the heart and other body organs.

4. Please note that if you want to start doing yoga, consult your doctor and do not stop taking medicines. If you find that your health is improving with yoga, your doctor may reduce the dosage accordingly.

5. How long it takes to see the difference?

~ It may take 3-4 weeks practice for you to notice improvement in your health.
~ It depends on your practice and present health. A relatively healthy person will respond better.
~ Results of yoga practice will also depend on asanas and pranayama exercises chosen and time spent on these. Depending on health, some people can practice for more duration every day.

6. What is the recommended duration of yoga practice? For beginners 45 minutes to one hour is sufficient duration. Remember yoga is not a competition, practice duration should be such that you feel comfortable. After 2-3 weeks practice gradually increase the duration. Once your body gets tuned and you start enjoying you can stretch your yoga practice upto two hours.

Yoga practice can be coupled with 30 to 45 minutes of brisk walk. You can do the walking before yoga or do it some other time of the day.

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Sep 16, 2016
Exactly what i did & cured my diabetes in 3 months
by: Anonymous

This is what I exactly did to cure my diabetes which was 217 on 11-6-2016 and now I have been checking for past 10 days regularly it comes between 110-104-117-109 all ppbs and now I eat everything, but never skip doing yoga for at least 5 days a week for 45 mins.

Editors Note
That's good news and the credit goes to your efforts and determination. Keep up your yoga practice to stay healthy. You can share any diet advice and yoga sequence you followed with our site visitors.

Good luck

Sep 27, 2012
Good Article
by: Anonymous

Best informative article which bring confidence in the person...

Sep 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

Excellent explanation. Could you please let me know what are the asanas , pranayama and how much time each one has to be done ?

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