Cheap Yoga Diet

by Anonymous

My diet includes pulses, rice, tea 4 times, vegetables, curd, biscuits. I want to know about cheap foods used in yoga as I cannot afford much.


In yoga philosophy idea is to get sufficient nutrition without going for taste. You will require less food to eat if your metabolism works properly, your body becomes more effective i.e. converts more food into energy. Follow the principles of yoga diet.

  • Yoga philosophy recommends use of raw and whole grain food to get maximum nutrition with minimum loading on your stomach. For example, sprouts are an excellent source of proteins.

  • Use minimum oil and spices while cooking. Boiled vegetables are ideal.

  • Avoid stimulants like tea, coffee or alcoholic drinks.

  • Avoid biscuits, soft drinks and other fast foods.

  • Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are cheap, easily available and nature's choice for a particular region in a particular season.

  • Broken wheat (Dalia as it is known in India) is an excellent nutritious dish.

  • Nuts can provide you micro nutrients not available else where.

  • Healthy Dalia Recipe.

    Cooking Time : 15 min
    Serves / Makes : 2


    1/2 cup dalia (broken wheat)

    Chopped vegetables consisting of one onion, one small potato, two tomatoes, two cups mixed vegetables (cabbage, beans, carrot, spinach, peas, fenugreek, spinach, peas and cabbage). Include any seasonal vegetable which is readily available.
    Salt to taste.
    Black Pepper.

    How to Prepare?
    Put all the ingredients in a pressure cooker, add some water and cook for five to seven minutes, when the cooker gives a whistle, cook on low gas for three to four minutes. Serve hot. You can garnish with coriander.

    This is a very nutritious dish which I use effectively for weight loss. You can eat to your hearts content. (You can't eat much of this bland dalia!!). You can eat it once a day. For more determined people who want to lose weight, eat it more often.

    If you want more taste add 20 g of butter before serving.

    Hope it helps

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How to start Yoga?
by: Anonymous


Can we start yoga from any poses or is there any specific pose to get started and how much time do you recommend?

Editors Note
You have to do yoga as per a specific sequence. It is better to learn initially from a qualified yoga teacher who can guide you how to start based on your health and fitness goals. 45 minutes to one hour is generally recommended. However, there is no time limit. Once you are comfortable with asanas, it is upto you to decide on how much time you want to devote to your practice. You can have a look at this beginners yoga sequence.

Hope it helps

yoga diet
by: Anonymous

thank you for this very useful information.

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