Anxiety Disorder

by Abhishek

I am having an anxiety disorder. I undergo fear, loud heart beats, headache, giddiness etc. I have started doing yoga. I have been doing pranayam(anulom vilom) for 15 minutes and meditation (20 mins) and om recitation (5 mins)from last 10 days. I am benefited a bit. Around how much time will it take for yoga to cure me completely? 1 month?


I am glad to know that doing breathing exercises and meditation has helped you. I will suggest carry on for at least a month. Nobody can give a fixed time for any cure by yoga. Your progress in yoga practice will depend on time you can devote and your will power.

Your health changes dynamically, it will either improve or deteriorate depending on the way you exercise, eat; your stress levels, the environment and your sleeping habits etc. Daily yoga exercise can add up to your efforts to stay healthy throughout your life.

~ If you stop yoga after getting cured, stress of modern life and unhealthy eating practices can have negative effect on your health.

~ Even if you have a busy life, spare at least 30 minutes for breathing and meditation. Or practice on alternate days and have extended practice on weekends.

~ Please note that it is advisable to carry on with your practice and try to improve it further by adding more stretching poses or suryanamaskar asanas(sun salutations). You can also increase the duration of shavasana at the end of your practice and try yoga nidra once or twice a week.

~ Plan a yoga sequence for 30 to 40 minutes per day. If will be preferable if you can find a yoga teacher to locally to guide you better.

Hope this helps

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Aug 17, 2017
Anxiety and fear
by: Sachin Narwade

I have been suffering from anxiety and fear. Will it be safe for me to do kapalbhati and anulom vilom to cure anxiety and fear instead of taking treatment from any allopathic doctor? I have lernt kapalbhati and anulom vilom from yoga teacher. Please give best suggestion.

Editors Note
You have not mentioned whether you are feeling better after starting with pranayama practice.

I suggest stop doing kapalabhati. You can contact me with more details. Will try to help..

Warm regards

Oct 12, 2015
Severe Anxiety & Depression Problem
by: Siddharth


This is Siddharth having Anxiety and depression from last 7-8 years but its been diagnosed 2 year back.

Now am only taking (allopathic)medicine for anxiety as depression medicine has severe side effects which been mentioned to the medicine leaflet. Now the anxiety tab is also giving severe side effects as Skin rashes in face scalp, so from few days I had stopped the medicine and anxiety also.

"But am doing kapalbhati, Bhastrika & Anulom Vilom Pranayama half an hour to 1 hour daily, which after doing my whole Face inside muscles, lips, eyebrows start shaking severely and for a result I cannot able to talk for atleast half an hour till it becomes stop completely".

Can you please suggest me as why its happening and what should I do? Also want to know will it be cured completely the anxiety and depression by doing exercise and Pranayama. Or any other remedies, ayur medicines, pranayama need to do please do advise!

Thanking you.
Dibakar Roy

Editors Note
Hello Dibakar

Please stop your current practice of pranayama. You need to consult a yoga therapist and do yoga under guidance only.
Meanwhile, you can practice rhythmic breathing, anulom vilom, shavasana and yoga nidra.

Warm regards

Apr 11, 2010
Can pranayama be done after taking food?
by: Daljit

Answer to above comment. "Can pranayam be done after having food ? will it cause any adverse effects ?"

If you want to do pranayama, you must have at least 3 hours gap after eating food. You can take fruit juice or lime juice upto one hour before your yoga practice.

Why you may not like to do pranayama after eating food?
~ Abdomen full of food gives a bloated feeling which is avoidable.
~ After taking food, energy is required by our digestive system for food digestion. Therefore the prana energy gained during pranayama is not solely available for rest of the body.
~ A full stomach will be a hindrance to breathe the complete yogic breath.
~ Kapalabhati pranayama will not be effective at all and you will not enjoy it.

Apr 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

Can pranayam be done after having food ? will it cause any adverse effects ?

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